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May 15, 2004

Clan Spotlight - Circle of Clouds and Rain - By Kimetan

Recently I had the pleasure interviewing the current leader of the Circle of Clouds and Rain clan (68), Solaria. She formed the clan, and 68-town, in early 2003 in an effort to escape a dying leading clan. After leading the clan for about sixteen months, here is what she had to say.

Kimetan: Give us some background on your clan. Why did you decide to create it?

Solaria: 68 was created in February 2003. I was leading clan 18 and we were in a pretty dead town (old 9 Guardians of Justice was the leading clan). We decided that if we made a new town, with another clan that it'd be much better. The town worked as a whole to get the money, with Sigritt and Loquitur supplying so much that I will always be grateful to them.

Kimetan: Have you ever led or co-led a clan before?

Solaria: I was leader of clan 18 (Avatars of Justice) and co-leader there for a couple of years before I made 68.

Kimetan: Is leading a clan everything that you expected it to be?

Solaria: I knew going in what it was like to lead a clan, having led 18, but when you're the leader of a clan you create from scratch it is so much different. Every positive feels so much better because it's something you're building up.

Kimetan: Did you find it difficult to get the funds together to start 68?

Solaria: Funding wasn't difficult at all. So many people in old 9 and 18 contributed. Loquitur and Sigritt gave so much money. It only took us a month to get the whole thing paid for, plus the costs to unsister 18 from clantown 9 and sister it to clantown 68. Just so many people gave money, off the top of my head Sigritt, Loquitur, Koyaansquty, Pleen, Curer, and Taharak, and I know I'm missing people. It truly was a town effort.

Kimetan: What do you think makes a good co-leader, and what do you look for in filling the position of your right-hand wo/man?

Solaria: I think personality is very important for a coleader. The way they interact with clannies. Are they helpful? Do they have a clue what's going on? They need to be able to help people, whether it be with AutoQuest questions or activities like trading, combing and xping. Also, I usually like to go with either a quad or a hero alt because I think before that you just don't know enough about the game.

Kimetan: What do you look for in enrolling a new clan member?

Solaria: I want to make sure they fit in with the town. We like to consider ourselves one big clan. We don't want immature people that are just going to spam or be troublemakers. I want a person that is willing to learn. I really don't care if they're a true newbie or an alt, as long as they're a nice addition to the clan. Also, I like people that are willing to explore on their own- not just spam everyone till they're told an answer. I love helpfiles, and I feel like newer players should at least attempt to read them rather than rely on their town to do everything for them.

Kimetan: Do you find yourselves actively seeking out new clan members, or do they typically come to you?

Solaria: Every now and then I go on a recruiting spree. It's hard because I want to take the time to talk to a person, and have clannies form with them and not just mass enroll to build up numbers. A lot of members are friends of current members, or people in the clan have been nice and helped them out, which I love to hear because I want my clan to be helping others, and that's why they want to join.

Kimetan: How do you evaluate candidates for enrollment into the Circle of Clouds and Rain clan?

Solaria: I like to talk with people, have them form with clannies. Make sure they seem mature enough, and that they won't be unhappy and frustrated if they have 20 questions and no one can take the time to answer them all. Like I said before, the helpfiles are awesome and there is usually one for any question you may have, so I like people that will look there! As for levels, I like level 20 or above just to be sure they're going to stick with a character and aren't just trying out different classes.

Kimetan: What are the basic expectations of your clan members?

Solaria: My main hope is that people in the clan are having fun. The town has lots of different forms starting up, so there's usually stuff for people to do. I expect my clannies to be helpful, and I guess I would be sad to hear if they were causing people trouble. I like to think I have a pretty nice group in the clan.

Kimetan: Is there a certain area of the game that your clan specializes in (e.g. combing, CPK'ing, trading, etc.)?

Solaria: Different people love different things. I love to comb, as does Terate. Someone like Taharak loves to trade. Others like Aethilus like to run zones. Some people are like Pontius and love to do it all, hehe. We have a good variety, I think.

Kimetan: Several clans in Medievia find it useful in paying their clan-tax to tax their individual members on a monthly basis. Does 68 have an individual “clantax?”

Solaria: We have 1 million per month per member as the policy, and that's just to help pay the clantown taxes. I've thought of doing it per class, but I don't want to be a nag and track down people to pay.

Kimetan: How do you feel about charging your clan members a tax?

Solaria: To sound like a hypocrite, I'm not a big fan of taxes. I know a lot of new players view even 1 million as an enormous sum, so I feel bad asking for that. And, I think higher level players tend to give when they can, like if they trade or do a bunch of AQs.

Kimetan: How liberal are you in giving clan members varying privileges? For example, are there certain privileges that are more widely distributed in your clan than others?

Solaria: Everyone has the towngame privilege. That's what the town likes to do, so basically anyone that wants it can have it. The only two I'm rare to give out are remove and clantown edit. I'm pretty lenient if people want enroll too. Just nothing that could cost us 5 million per mistake, like clantown edit!

Kimetan: How is your clan aligned, politically?

Solaria: We went with order because 18 was order.

Kimetan: What made you choose Order?

Solaria: Darcet said do it or else and I was scared he'd CPK me. I think we fall more along the lines of an order clan anyway. We're pretty peaceful, hehe.

Kimetan: Have you or anyone from your clan ever held a public office (Governor/Mayor of Medievia)?

Solaria: Darcet has been mayor and governor while in the clan. It gave him an even bigger ego than he already has, sigh.

Kimetan: Does your clan town like to participate in town games?

Solaria: Our town loves towngames. Especially xp races, which I wish we got more of! I think the idea of being in a race gets everyone going, and makes them more organized. This town is full of crazy competitive people who all want to be at the top of the towngame scores. Especially Pontius!

Kimetan: What do you think makes 68 unique from other clans in Medievia?

Solaria: I think our close town is somewhat unique. We really want to be just one big clan, as corny as that may sound. Hmm, unique though- I mean, everyone clan is unique in its own way. I guess our initials are pretty unique. I would like to state for the record that Loquitur made the clan's name, and unless he's a closet Creedance Clearwater Revival fan (which I doubt); it never entered into anyone's mind that the initials meant that.

Kimetan: What do you think is 68's strongest point?

Solaria: I think our personality is our strongest point. The whole town goes out of their way to be helpful. We like helping new players and showing them the game.

Kimetan: Conversely, what would you say is the clan's weakest point?

Solaria: Weakest would have to be activity. I have a lot of old friends that there is no way would I remove, so that sometimes makes things harder- I'm loyal though. New players aren't as loyal, and I'd rather keep people I've known four or five years in the clan, much to the chagrin of my coleaders.

Kimetan: Do you have a couple memorable events from 68 that stick out in your mind?

Solaria: The day the clan was made was obviously very memorable. I'm an Avatar and the minute it echoed, I had all these single classers telepathing me- it was crazy, but in a cool way. The day we got town channel all set up was great, it was hard going a few weeks and having a sister, but no way to talk to them. And our first hp bonus was so nice. It felt like a culmination of so much work, and so many people were involved- just really a nice feeling.

Kimetan: What would you say is 68's greatest accomplishment as a clan?

Solaria: I think being a fun place to be is a great accomplishment. We're very laidback; I think it appeals to a lot of people. I'm rather fond of our ct too, since I've written a lot of it! Along with Dimeneira, Malagoir, and now Eriathan in 18. I have a lot of fun making the mobs and rooms for that.

Kimetan: What long term goals or plans do you have for 68? What, in the future, are you most looking forward to with clan 68?

Solaria: I think the town's current goal is to win five towngames in a row, lol. We don't have any major plans or goals- more of the same.

Kimetan: What in the future are you most looking forward to with your clan?

Solaria: Personally, I'm waiting to see a few people in the clan multi, they're so close!

Kimetan: If your clan was disbanded today, what do you think people would remember about the Circle of Clouds and Rain clan?

Solaria: I hope they'd remember the friendly members. They will probably remember the strange name though.

Kimetan: If you, personally, had to quit playing Medievia tomorrow, what do you think would happen to your clan?

Solaria: I think someone in the town would take it over. There are several people in 68, and in 18 that would be great clan leaders.

Kimetan: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring clan leaders and co-leaders?

Solaria: I would say remember that it's a game, and that it's supposed to be a fun experience. Making a clan or becoming leader of one is really great. Just don't stress about things. People will come and go, bonuses will come and go, and it shouldn't make the experience any less fun or make it become a job for the leader.

Kimetan: Describe your clan in three words.

Solaria: Helpful, personable members, informative.

I'd like to thank Solaria for taking time out of her busy schedule to interview with me, and I'd also like to wish her and her clan the best of luck in the future!

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