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July 12th, 2001

Clan Spotlight - Assassins of the East - Clan 68 - By Maleah

In between dragonlairs and CPK stakes I was able to catch the clan leader of the Assassins of the East (68), Urimar and his co-leader, Vikrina, for an interview. This is what they had to say.

Maleah: Give us some background on your clan and why you created it.

Urimar: To be perfectly honest, I created 68 because I wanted to try out leading. I'd been the epitome of a clannie for so long. I was good at most things - combing, eq zones, xp forms... all that jazz, but I had never really tried leading. For some insane reason I thought leading a clan would be new, interesting and challenging. I don't remember the exact date that 68 was created, but we've been around for a few months now.

Vikrina: I've been playing Medievia around 2 years now, and have been co-leader of our clan for the past 6 months - pretty much since Uri started it.

Maleah: Is leading a clan all that you expected it to be?

Urimar: Even though tons of people warned me that it was a lot of aggravation and a general pain in the rear, I ignored them. How bad could it be? I've certainly learned my lesson: people expect you to be responsible not only for yourself but any actions that your clannies might take. So if one of your clannies starts trashing up town channel, you're somehow responsible for dealing with it. There's also a fair amount of pride involved with looking at 68 and seeing it flourish. I suppose the pride I take in my clannies and 68 makes up for all the bad things that I have to deal with.

Maleah: How did you become co-leader and why did you decide to do it?

Vikrina: I did a lot of runs/CPKs with Uri prior to his making the clan, so when I joined, he already knew we worked well together - that's why he made me co. Honestly, it has been great fun. Uri is an amazing leader - whether it is zones, lairs, or CPK. His pick system using points has really taken off on Med as well. Basically eq from all zones is pooled and you accrue points. So if you don't get to finish all days of a zone you could still get cool eq. And more importantly if there's nothing you want from a zone you'll get points by helping run that zone to get eq from another zone even if you don't go there. It's actually quite brilliant and he's spent the time coding all that into his scripts so it automatically keeps track of eq and points.

Maleah: What do you like/dislike about co-leading?

Vikrina: Co-leading has been a really fun experience for me because we have such wonderful people in this town. Everyone is psyched to do pretty much whatever it is we're up to so, that's made it a lot easier. One thing to remember, however, is the co-leader is probably going to do a lot of stuff the leader is either too busy or just doesn't want to do so, I end up doing the clantown descriptions and other admin things like that - and often find myself being clan-counselor for solving disagreements with clan/town or even with our allies etc. And of course, often I spend a lot of time just helping people find equipment they need.

Maleah: How hard was it to get the funds together to start a clan?

Urimar: Not hard at all really. I had been stockpiling cash for a bit of time, and if you lead the big eq zones its fairly easy to raise 300m. Selling other people's gear never hurts either.

Maleah: Where did you get the name for your clan?

Urimar: It was funny, "Assassins of the East" was the 6th or 7th name I submitted for approval. We tried for a bunch of things first; "Hubris" was the first name I submitted - it means "the arrogance of pride" which I really felt was perfect for the clan I was creating. It was rejected, but suffice to say I definitely settled on "Assassins of the East".

Maleah: On a scale from 1 to 5 how would you rate yourself as a clanleader?

Urimar: I'd say a 2 or a 3 then. I'm not on 24/7, and I usually don't play weekends. I think a good clanleader is always leading something. I don't have the 100% time to devote to Med like a lot of people. Vikrina is an awesome co-leader though, and she deals with a lot of the unwelcome "stuff" when I'm not around. Put me and Viki together and I'd rate us a 4.

Maleah: What do you think makes a good co-leader?

Vikrina: Well, obviously the most important thing for a co-leader is backing up your leader! This means getting people for runs, lairs, CPK and the like. It also means taking care of your clannies if they need eq, help on a zone, or just making sure they stay alive.

Maleah: What do you look for when enrolling a new clannie?

Urimar: First thing I look for is whether or not they can learn. I don't generally enroll newbies, because they haven't really made any impact on me. I'll enroll well-established people whose abilities I know. I look for people who know their way around CPK, and everything else is secondary.

Maleah: What do you think makes your clan unique from other clans in Medievia?

Urimar: Most clans have a claim to fame I think - "We're a newbie clan" "We're the best trading clan in Med". 68 centers around CPK - we've always got someone looking around for CPK opportunities. I don't think there's another clan out there that searches out CPK like we do.

Maleah: What do you think are your clan's strongest points?

Urimar: CPK is one of our strong points, I'd say (anyone notice a recurring theme here? - Maleah). One of the other things we're fairly good at is running the big eq zones. I think that my pick system, which is slowly trickling to others, makes our clan one of the fairest when it comes to "doing picks". I have to be honest here - my pick system was derived from Orcist a while ago. But the fact remains, treating everyone equally and fairly when it comes to doing picks makes for happy clannies and a strong clan.

Maleah: What makes CPK so appealing to your clan?

Urimar: I can't really say for other people, but personally I think CPK is the most challenging aspect of Medievia. CPKing someone (to me) means that you've outsmarted someone else. It means you've done one of a host of things: You snuck a number of people into CPK without them noticing... you managed to be stealthy enough to ice someone without them even knowing you were there. The fact that you get to loot someone else's stuff also makes it fun.

Maleah: What is a typical day in Medievia like for you?

Vikrina: Typical day on Med consists of eq runs, maybe a lair or two, and of course, CPK. Depends on what's going on that day really.

Maleah: What long term goal or plans do you have for your clan?

Urimar: Nothing that I really want to share with the world, sorry.

Maleah: Planning game-wide domination?

Urimar: Naw, nothing so lofty.

Maleah: What are your most memorable events or greatest accomplishments so far with this clan?

Urimar: My clan was a small part of it, but leading the groups of people that iced Gothpakgok and Zeksagmak. You have no idea how many people linked me or tried to enroll after those lairs. It was awesome, I (and my clan) had a great time icing those dragons.

Vikrina: Just working with Uri and the fantastic clan he's put together has probably been my greatest accomplishment in 68. Helping to hold things together when times get tough, and of course, reveling in our many victories on Med.

Maleah: If your clan was disbanded today what do you think people would remember about it?

Urimar: I think each of us in 68 has that special, cherished CPK of someone they hate. I think each of us will remember those more than anything else we did as a clan.

Maleah: If you had to quit playing Medievia, what do you think would happen to your clan?

Urimar: Probably nothing - we have enough leaders in my clan that one would just slip into my shoes and carry the torch onward!

Maleah: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring clanleaders or co-leaders?

Urimar: Don't put people down. If someone has a concern, don't mock them. Treat everyone equally and you'll avoid countless problems.

Vikrina: If someone wants to be a co-leader all I really have to say is make sure you're committed and have the time for it because it really is extremely time consuming. Your number one priority is to take care of your clan so you may have to drop whatever you're doing at anytime to help clannies out. If you're not willing to do that then you shouldn't co-lead. Just know what you're getting into is all I would say!

Maleah: Any last comments?

Urimar: Not trying to be a kiss rear here, but one of the reasons I've been playing Med so long is because there's people that are working hard every day to make improvements to the game. There's also an active group of people that work to keep everyone sane. I'd just like to say kudos to those people that put their effort into the game. I login every day looking for some new change or feature that will enhance my gaming experience!

Vikrina: I've really enjoyed the time I've spent on Med. I've met some great people here and made many friends! Honestly, if someone told me 2 years ago I'd be playing a mud I'd be like, "What's a mud?" Med is the only comp game I've ever played steadily mainly because it stays so interesting. Between the changes made to the game added daily, new zones, and just the basic fact Med's player-base is so large, the variables are enough to keep the game exciting and different each time you log on!

Urimar: Oh, I'd also like to mention I wouldn't mind if they made Asnor or Mystical all CPK. *cough*

If you want to tell everyone about your clan then contact Maleah ( and arrange an interview. I like to speak to both the leader and coleader, and maybe some long term clannies as well. Think about what your clan is, how it works and and anything else you'd like to tell us that's going to interest our readers.


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