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February 3, 2001

Clan Spotlight - Clan 52 Rogues of the Forbidden Legion - By Maleah

In between dragon lairs, I was able to borrow the current leader of Rogues of the Forbidden Legion (52), Tharghan, for an interview. This is what he had to share about his clan, himself, and Medievia.

Maleah: Tell us of your clan's background.

Tharghan: Ok well, Rogues of the Forbidden Legion started around January 1998. Keegan was the leader then but somehow he decided to retire right after he started it. I was in Lords of Discipline (20) then and even if it was an awesome clan, I wanted to lead a clan because Geshtar was going to retire and not switch leadership. So I basically got the clan from Keegan without many members in it and had to start from scratch. After few weeks, some heroes started to join because I'd do a lot of runs you know, and soon we became a clan with a lot of heroes and active people.

Maleah: What are your likes/dislikes about leading a clan?

Tharghan: What I like is the friends. We help each others and that kind of stuff and it's cool to see that most of them actually care about it. What I don't like... It's worse than a real life job... keeping a clan active I mean. There are a lot of things to deal with: when some people in town or clan argue, trying to keep everyone happy, and etc. And doing that requires so much time that it's crazy - that I don't like at all. You can lead and don't care about it, but then the clan would crumble and die.

Maleah: What do you look for when enrolling a new clannie?

Tharghan: Well, usually (and this works most of time I enroll someone) I make sure he's not a troublemaker, that he'd enjoy what my clan usually does, that he doesn't have any problem with my clannies, and that he's active. Sometimes it happens that I enroll someone that doesn't fit in the clan at all and usually they end up leaving or getting removed.

Maleah: What do you think makes your clan unique among other clans in Medievia?

Tharghan: I think we're very active. Since I took leadership here I tried to keep the clan active so we could always have something to do and not have dead times. I think that's what makes 52 unique. Other clans often are dead for a long time. So far that never happened to us and we also have several clannies, the core, that make it so the clan never dies.

Maleah: What do you think your clan strongest points are?

Tharghan: We've a big town, (that helps) a lot of active clannies, a lot of good Pkers, zone runners, and dedicated people.

Maleah: Do you have any long term goals/plans for your clan?

Tharghan: At the moment... We just wanna continue to keep the clan and the town the way it is. The only think we can really improve is the CPK. I'm pretty satisfied about the rest.

Maleah: What are your most memorable events/accomplishments in this clan?

Tharghan: Well, several things. One was when Calmore, Kaaz, and all the Danish people on Medievia joined 52, because that was the start that made the clan strong. At the time we had no heroes at all. Of course, when we got our first hp bonus. When we took the 1st place in showclan R, that we keep even now. Recently, it was really cool during a CPK battle in Bloodstone. It was just our town against everyone and we won, that made our clan very happy. Well the most memorable event I had on Medievia is prolly when Morbius linked me to comb, since at that time I used to sell a lot of eggs on auction and that's how we talked for the first time. Well it's not really very related to 52, but to me it is.

Maleah: What is your secret to keeping your clan on top of showclan r?

Tharghan: I can't tell my secret or it won't be a secret anymore.

Maleah: How about advice for aspiring clanleaders?

Tharghan: They need to dedicate to the clan a lot of time and patience, or they'll fail.

Maleah: Over the years you have developed quite a reputation among other players. What do you think about it?

Tharghan: Well I can say this, those that really got to know me well can't be disappointed or dislike me. But well I'm human so of course I make mistakes, but so does everyone.

Maleah: What about CPK is so appealing to your clan?

Tharghan: Some people in my clan love CPK, but most of them really log on here to do other things. Some clans base their existence on CPK. If there's no CPK they either disband or lose members. That doesn't happen to us and honestly, even if most people don't think that. We have had a lot of CPKs in 52 and I can only think of 2 towns that had more than us. Those 2 towns are both CPK based, we're not.

Maleah: If your clan was disbanded today, what do you think people will remember?

Tharghan: Well, I'm sure most of the other players would be happy. My clannies would remember all the good times we had in clan, with the PKing, the lairs, the friends. Sometimes people leave 52, but most of them always come back cause I think they like it here. It's a friendly clan... yeah we have arguments, but I've seen much worse situations.

Maleah: If you had to quit Medievia today, what would happen in your clan?

Tharghan: I thought about that. I guess we'd talk about it in clan, if it's possible to continue with a new leader we'd do that, or else we might just disband. I think it's kinda' sad to see dead clans especially when they were very active in the past.

Maleah: Any last comments or statements?

Tharghan: Well I can say that a lot of people helped me... Flick enrolled me in my first clan, 20. Geshtar taught me all the main zones of Medievia. In my clan I found a lot of guys that actually helped, the list is huge so I'll prolly forget a lot of them, but I'm sure someone will be disappointed. I don't think 52 would be what it is without all the Danish/Asian/Australian friends we had in clan for years now and have proved to be very loyal. Darthmont, Meiron, Supirio, Larhalt, Keirgar, Vikrina, Ginthrum, Erica... I can't name everyone, but even lately we enrolled a lot of nice people that do everything they can to help the clan. I really like our clan now.


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