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June 27, 2004

Clan Spotlight - Death Corps - By Liyin

After many scheduling and rescheduling of the interview session, I finally managed to sit down in the Mudslinger’s Interview Room with Dalia and Kyte, fair princesses from Death Corps, and learn more about their clan and things that make their clans unique. Here is a briefly edited transcript of the interview.

Liyin: To start off this interview, can the two of you tell me about yourselves and how you came to know and play Medievia?

Dalia: Oh, wow that's going back a while. I had a friend who used to always play and I always wondered what he was doing. Well he got me set up and then he retired on me. It all started on June of ’01 for me.

Kyte: I had a friend who played and she wanted to have a friend to play with her so she sort of forced me to play, and I liked it so I kept playing. I think I started playing about three years ago, and since then I've just worked on heroing and being with friends from Medievia.

Liyin: I understand Death Corps has had a rather long history with many previous leaders that took its helm. Can the two of you give the readers a little more insight on the history of the clan?

Dalia: Oh man, truthfully we all just learned our "history", thanks to Alexia. She found it and posted it on our clan board. It's quite interesting and some what depressing, for me at least. From my understanding, DC used to be one of the top clans. And from the many telepaths from Nightmare, a former leader, how we do things now is not how he ran things.

Liyin: Is leading a clan all that you expected it to be? Why or why not?

Dalia: It's hard work; I never thought it would take so much effort really. I like it, but DC has this curse lately that when you are made leader real life kicks in and we tend to let the Co-leaders do all the work. I know when I was Co-leader the first time it was just like being in the clan, but then people wanted things from you. And the dealing with disputes within the clan is a lot harder than I thought. Making a decision that won’t offend off others is hard. Trying to keep people interested in the clan and staying is another hard part. It's even harder when work kicks in and you aren't around a lot.

Kyte: I am actually new at this; I just became co-leader a little while ago and haven't had a lot of time to do co-leader things yet. All I've really done is help out clannies with whatever they need to play the game, and that's a lot of what I excepted it to be.

Liyin: (to Kyte) How did you become co-leader and why did you decide to take on that job?

Kyte: Kyldor, who was the leader before, got a job in real life and he knew he wouldn't have enough time to be an active leader anymore, so Dalia became leader and we needed a new co, and I've been in this clan for years and I'm active and I guess Dalia thought I could do this. I took the job because DC is like a family and I would do anything for it, and we really needed a co-leader.

Liyin: On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate yourself as a clan leader/co-leader?

Dalia: Right now because I haven't been around as much as I was before, I would say a 2. I've left a lot for Kyte to deal with, such as trying to get activity going, while I'm hardly ever here.

Kyte: Um, I'm going to give myself a 3 because I'm as active as I can be with school and everything, and do whatever I can and help out with whatever I can, but like I said I'm still new at this.

Liyin: Do you actively seek out new clan members, do you expect them to come to you, or is it a mixture of both?

Dalia: It is a little of both. I personally haven't tried to recruit in a while, but I know a few clannies have been recruiting.

Kyte: I think it's mostly us finding new members, some have come to us, but most of the ones who come to us to get enrolled are old clannies.

Liyin: What are your expectations of your clan members?

Dalia: Right now the only thing I want from my clannies is for them to be active, to take charge and lead xp, trades, whatever. Do something! I love this clan, I miss being able to log on and seeing a bunch of people on doing something other than sitting in link. Instead of looking for forms I would like to see them say "Okay I'm leading who wants xp?" Things like that are what I want to see from my clan members.

Kyte: I agree completely. To do whatever they can do.

Liyin: How liberal are you in giving clan members various privileges?

Dalia: If I can trust them to use their best judgement they can have all privileges. Right now only the older clan members have enrolling privs, Dukes and Duchesses have all privs. Rank right now isn't a big thing on my list. The few ranks we do have is because I see them taking charge and doing things.

Liyin: How is your clan aligned politically, and why did you choose this particular party over the other, or a stance of neutral?

Dalia: Oh, um well see I think Dialan was Leading when politics came out, and I think we are Order? Yeah, we are Order, but I don't know the reasoning behind why he chose that.

Liyin: What do you think makes your clan unique from other clans in Medievia?

Dalia laughs out loud in delight.

Dalia: DC is ... how to put this without offending people ... a weird clan. I think one of the main things that makes us, is we are one of the oldest clans out there. We have some really unique people. They really make the clan interesting, when you have a bunch of us on, and we aren't afk, we tend to get a little weird. It’s a fun clan.

Kyte: I agree with Dalia on the weirdness: P. And on how old we are and because of our history and how we still are sort of active, and how DC is based more on having fun rather than doing a lot of work to be some great clan, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but I think having fun is the more important thing and that’s what this clan does.

Dalia: Yea, what Kyte said. We really aren't big on the ranks (yet).

Kyte laughs.

Liyin: What long term goal or plans do you have for your clan?

Dalia: The long term goal would be to build an active clan and keep it that way. I want to be able to see people doing things without me becoming the ... whatever it is Dragoa calls me.

Kyte: Raise activity, raise rank, as long as it's still *fun*! I just really don't want to end up doing things because we have to, I want us to do things because we want to.

Dalia: I want to see that, activity, rank, fun ... that's the most important, having fun. I don't like being the bad guy and sending out clnews about how inactive it is and demanding [that] people be active. I really hate having to remove people because of inactivity but it's what comes with being the Leader, making decisions that will offend some people.

Liyin: What are your most memorable events or greatest accomplishments so far with this clan?

Dalia laughs out loud in delight.

Dalia: There are lots of memorable events/moments with this clan. To many to even try to list, it's one of the things that keep me playing. Greatest accomplishments, leading a trade without dying (too much)…

Kyte: Whenever there are enough people on to have a conversation it's for accomplishments um I think lasting so long and not disbanding is an accomplishment ... and once we even got hp bonus! It was only like 1 or 2, but I was still proud of it.

Liyin: Do you have any concluding remarks or anything else you would like to add?

Kyte: We've been through a lot of changes and we're very different than what we used to be, but I still think DC is the greatest clan in Med!

Dalia: We have been through a lot of changes and we will be going through more before it's over. DC is a fun clan, a little on the inactive side, but that's one of the changes that will be taking place. So, anyone out there that wants to help rebuild a clan and make it more unique then it already is, let us know :)

A Note from Kimetan, MudSlinger Interview Editor:

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