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March 28, 2004

Clan Spotlight - Clan 35 - The Keepers of the Black Chamber - By Maleah

Maleah: Give everyone some background on the Keepers of the Black Chamber.

Barkam: Well, 35 used to be a sister of 1, then Cronje took over and unsistered from 1 to sister with 25. Time went on, and Caebryn took over. Caebryn lead for a few months, then I got sick of the disorganized state of the 25 clantown was in and I thought I could fix it, so I took over 35. 29 left the town. Aklia made a new clan, 96. 35 tried to work it out, but eventually we got fed up also, and we left. Now we are going to town with 96.

Maleah: Has leading a clan been everything you expected it to be?

Barkam: Well yeah, I have done it before all. I took over of old 85 and lead it, and then old 65 joined our town. It was very rewarding seeing your clan go up in ranks, starting from zero, but itís a constant worry for me and always stressed me out. So with 35, people are helping me out nicely so I donít get stressed out too much. Running eq has been mainly me; others help, but itís still 90% me. Some help would be nice. I enjoy being in a clan with people I like.

Maleah: What qualities were you looking for in a co-leader?

Barkam: Someone that is active knows how to run zones, can talk to people and keep his cool. Pretty much to gather the clannies and do something. Might it be tr/xp/eq runs so I donít have to do it all the time myself. Also, great personality is also key. Someone that can smooth things out between clannies/townies. Pretty simple.

Maleah: On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest), how would you rate yourself as a leader?

Barkam: I think I am a 5.

Jalumia: I think if you could learn to justify your clannews you might be a 5, otherwise, no dice!

Barkam: I was gonna say 4 because I should be more active but if I am any more active than the way I am, I would not be living in the real world. Oh, fine! 4.9, because I write clannews that scrolls for 5 pages....

Maleah: What do you like and dislike about co-leading?

Jalumia: Well, most of co-leading is just keeping the clan members from tearing each othersí throats out. Weíve been going through a turbulent period and between our abrasive relationship with our former town and the influx of new members, weíve had some pretty serious personality conflicts. Helping people get along and shooing out those that were abusive have been both the most frustrating and rewarding challenges thus far.

Maleah: What do you look for when enrolling new clannies?

Barkam: Oh very active, willing to learn, wants to learn, knows eq zones, willing to lead tr/xp, good personality, not arrogant or very shy. Someone that has a good sense of humor, and like to help clannies. Oh, and someone that knows how to control his mouth.

Maleah: What do you think makes your clan unique to other clans in Medievia?

Barkam: Oh man I donít know. I guess that we can run eq zones but no jerks in clan...

Jalumia: Iíd have to say the people here are very calm.

Barkam: We all get along and easy to get along with.

Jalumia: A lot of clans right now have serious ego.

Barkam: Yeah, this clan has a lot of potential, and they are willing to learn and listen. Pretty much good people with no ego problems, and we can run big eq zones.

Maleah: What is a typical day like in your clan?

Barkam: Whatever there is to do. People xp/tr/run eq/comb. Do pretty much whatever is available to do. Weíre a very active clan, lots of people on all the time. I would like it one day to be that we always have enough people to run eq zones with and to defend our runs, but I think that will only happen when we have sister clans.

Jalumia: Especially In todayís environment where 20-30 people will come to bank.

Barkam: We donít tend to concentrate on one thing.

Maleah: Do you have any long term goals or plans for your clan?

Barkam: The long-term goal for my clan is that everyone will know how to run zones and be number one clan, and that everyone gets along and to be able to defend our eq runs from aggressors.

Jalumia: We might become the number one clan, but it will be a side effect of our other successes.

Maleah: What have been your greatest accomplishments or most memorable moment so far in clan?

Barkam: Oh man. Um ... running Coli/Elysium/Veri with a form of only clannies and thwarting pkers pking our clan xp forms.

Jalumia: Yeah, after Barkam and I took over it was really neat to run Ely with just 35ers. It was, like I mentioned before, a pretty turbulent time. To me, that confirmed that we were on the right track.

Barkam: Yeah, been really proud of my clannies. We hold a very high rank even though we lost ct rank and removed from clan 25. Itís very hard these days to stay high clan rank-wise as a solo clan town and that we lost very few people over the past week from removing from 25 ct.

Jalumia: Yeah, we actually lost more in the week previous to that switch.

Maleah: If your clan was disbanded today, what do you think people would remember about it?

Barkam: How kick-ass of a clan 35 was. That how we were very cool group of people and did stuff.

Maleah: What are you looking forward to the most clan-wise?

Jalumia: The new clantown, definitely.

Barkam: Yeah, towning with 96. That will be great. Aklia and I see eye to eye and Aklia is a very good leader. So it should be very good for both clans, and I am excited.

Maleah: What do you think will change for your clan when it joins 96's ct, if anything?

Jalumia: Well get a clantown rating again. That will certainly help.

Barkam: And people to be with to complement our off-times. I see sister clans just expanding our clan. So towning with 96 is adding 51 more people to the clan.

Maleah: Any words of wisdom to share with future leaders and co-leaders?

Barkam: Donít do it! If you want to play Medievia, donít lead.

Jalumia: I would say to just look more long term. I see people making moves to improve their clan or town that may work out great right now, but really brutalize their chances down the road and are very expensive to fix.

Barkam: To be a leader, you have to be the most patient person in the world. All I can offer to those people that are going to lead is to have great patience and have tons of med time to make their clan great.

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