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October 7th, 2001

Clan Spotlight - Clan 34 The Cloaked Shadows - By Maleah

I recently interviewed the leader and co-leader of The Cloaked Shadows (34), Temujin and Trymon. Here is what they had to say about their clan, their experiences and themselves. Enjoy!

Maleah: How did you come to lead your clan?

Temujin: I had left 30 to co-lead 5, but that didn't last too long because of issues with the leader at the time. I still wanted to co-lead a clan though, so I came across Nephius and 34, who was considering leadership changes in his clan. I joined, and less than a week later, he decided to leave his clan. I then I became co-leader while Ahura took over. I was actually the leader just waiting to get my 3 months. I took over in December 99, and have been leading ever since.

Maleah: How did you become co-leader?

Trymon: Well, I had been in the Cloaked Shadows for around a year or so when I became co-leader. Temujin and I had developed a very good working relationship over the time and both had high aims for the clan. As events played out and our old co-leader stepped down, it sort of seemed like a natural fit for me to take the spot.

Maleah: Has leading a clan been all that you expected it to be?

Temujin: Honestly, it has not. I expected it to be much easier than it turned out to be. I had to adjust to the political aspect of being a leader, putting my clan before anything else in the game, sacrificing friendships and a clantown at one point to ensure our continued survival, and eventual growth into what we are today.

Maleah: What do you like about leading a clan?

Temujin: The best part about leading is being in control and making sure people don't get screwed over. I've seen too many clans, including the very first clan I was in (which no longer exists), where people were removed for the most meaningless reasons. As leader, I want to make sure none of that happens, and that everyone, from the co-leader to the lowest ranking player has a say in what goes on and can give me their input whenever something is wrong. So in that sense, the clan is truly one entity and not just one player leading a bunch of others around for his own personal or professional gain.

Maleah: On a scale from 1-5, (5 being the highest.) how would you rate yourself as a clanleader?

Temujin: I would rate myself as a 4 1/2. I've taken this clan from the depths to a top 20-ranked clan, with the help of some awesome people along the way, and hopefully it will stay that way. I wouldn't rate myself as a 5 because no one is perfect, and I've made mistakes. Considering where this clan was when I first took over, and even where it was nine months ago, we've made some incredible strides. And most importantly, everyone seems to respect my decisions and me personally as a leader. So that's why I'd rank myself where I do, but I have some 5-star players in this clan that deserve just as much credit as I do. Everyone in general has been awesome in getting this clan to where it is. So I rate myself high as a leader, but I certainly have a lot of help.

Maleah: On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate Temujin as a clanleader?

Trymon: I would rank him 4. Have to make sure he keeps working hard, don't want him to start resting on his laurels. But honestly, he is one of the hardest working people I have met here, and he truly cares about the clan and the people in it. He has worked as hard or harder than anyone to make 34 succeed and I suppose he deserves a 5 after all.

Maleah: Using the same scale, how would you rate yourself as a co-leader?

Trymon: I hate having to rate myself. How about we go for a nice middle of the road rank of 3. Still things to learn, still things to do, but working on it.

Maleah: What do you think makes a good clanleader?

Temujin: Someone who is willing to listen to everyone and who is honest with everyone, above all else. Someone who says one thing to some clannies and another thing to others will foster contempt among his clanmates, which is never healthy. Someone who is willing to lead by example and sacrifice his own personal gains, to an extent, for the good of the clan and someone who recognizes that he is only as good as the clannies beneath him, and that the people in the clan make the clan... not the leader.

Maleah: What do you think makes a good co-leader?

Trymon: A co-leader needs to care every bit as much about the clan as the leader does. Helping your clannies and encouraging them to push themselves and the clan as much as possible to achieve everyone's goals.

Maleah: What do you look for when enrolling new clannies?

Temujin: Someone who is at least level 25, is active and willing to pay the clan dues each month... but more importantly, someone with a good personality who will fit well with the people here. I believe we have some of the best people in the game and I won't accept anything less than that from potential enrollees.

Maleah: What do you think makes your clan unique?

Temujin: Our people, and our philosophy of giving everyone a voice in any major decision that goes on here. As I've said before, we have awesome people and without them our clan wouldn't be where it is. Not only are they good players, but they are good people beyond the scope of the game. To me that is the most importantly quality here... because you can teach someone how to CPK, but you can't teach someone how to be a good person.

Trymon: What makes 34 unique? A lot of clans talk about the strong family bond they have between members. What makes 34 unique is that we honestly do have that... it's not just talk. We are a group of committed players, who truly enjoy each other's company and are some of the hardest working people around. There is nothing this group can't achieve if they put their minds to it.

Maleah: What do you think your clan is best at?

Temujin: I think we're best at helping each other out. I think this group is very unselfish, and if someone needs something, we'll pitch in to help make that happen. As far as actual game stuff goes, we're probably best at combing, followed closely by tr and xp, and our eq is on the rise as well.

Maleah: What is a typical day like in your clan?

Temujin: There is no typical day here. Every day is different... If it's double xp day, we'll concentrate on xp. If there's a catastrophe, we'll concentrate on tr's to that site. If zones have good loads, we'll eq. It all depends on what is going on at that particular day. I don't think you could say we do the same thing from one day to the next.

Maleah: What long term goal or plans do you have for your clan?

Temujin: Obviously, our long term goal is to one day be ranked #1 in the game. That's not going to happen overnight, but there were many people who thought we wouldn't even be at this point right now, so anything is possible. I'd like to expand the clantown eventually as well, but only when the time is right. I won't rush any of our goals, because when do you that those goals usually aren't sustained, if they're reached at all.

Maleah: What is the most memorable event for you so far in this clan?

Temujin: There are two events that are the most memorable thus far, and they both took place a while ago. The day I officially took over as leader is probably the most memorable, because it was then that I knew that I had all the power, and all the responsibility to make the right decisions. And along with my clannies, turn the clan into something more than it was at the time. The other very memorable event was the day we unsistered from clantown 20, because that marked the end of 34 as a feeder clan and the beginning of 34 as an independent unit striving for its own success. Had that day not occurred, I believe we wouldn't exist today... and if we did, I certainly would not have been around to see it.

Trymon: Hmmm....I suppose I could say building our own CT, getting our first hp bonus, etc. but honestly I think it more memorable to watch as our members have grown in their skills and how the clan has really come together to increase our ranks. A lot of people have been in 34 for quite some time, and I think it's a testament to the clan that we have that kind of loyalty.

Maleah: If you had to quit Medievia, what do you think would happen in your clan?

Temujin: I'm positive that I have people here who would take it over and do their best to sustain it and maintain the positive atmosphere we have here. Whether that would happen, no one can tell, but hopefully it would.

Maleah: What do you think people would remember most about your clan if they were to disband?

Temujin: I hope it will never be disbanded, but if it was, I hope people would remember the atmosphere we had here and the way it was run and incorporate that into any future clans they happened to lead.

Maleah: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for aspiring clanleaders?

Temujin: Anyone who wants to be a clanleader should really know what they're getting into. It's harder on every level to lead a successful clan than anyone can imagine. Be prepared for anything, never give up, and always remember that your clan is only as strong as your weakest clannie. Incorporate every last person in your clan and you will be shocked at the results.

Maleah: Any last comments or thoughts?

Temujin: I would like to personally thank Courtez for being an awesome co-leader for such a long time here, and an even better friend. I also have to thank my current co-leader, Trymon, my Dukes, and everyone else working their butts off here to help this clan maintain its current position, and climb the ladder further to success. And to anyone who has ever doubted this clan, past or present, just remember that anything is possible; and while many people along the way have vowed to take us down, most of them are no longer here, but we are... and hopefully, we always will be.


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