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November 24th 2002

Clan Spotlight - Legacy of Virtue (33) - by Syltheana

The interview took place in The Interview Room, located within Syltheana’s office. Asmira took some time from her day to sit and chat about her character and the clan she leads, Legacy of Virtue, clan 33. Here’s what Asmira had to say about her character and clan leadership:

Syltheana: Tell us about how you started on Medievia and what brought you here.

Asmira: I started playing Med in April of 1997. My then boyfriend was playing it and introduced it to me. He long ago quit and I don't think he ever made it past level 25. He'd actually been introduced to it by Helleth who happened to be in London at the time and played at a cyber café there.

Syltheana: What did you think of Medievia when you first started?

Asmira: Oh I liked it, but I was a little confused. Originally my name was Dragnfly, as that was the name I used to chat with on IRC. I remember Lena asking me to think of a new name. I was a single mage and had a tendency to die a lot, but I enjoyed exploring.

Syltheana: What characters influenced you in the beginning?

Asmira ponders intensely.

Syltheana: For instance, do you remember your first clan?

Asmira: Hmm... well, Helleth and Saracen showed me around a lot. Unfortunately I don't remember a lot about when I was a single, except all the dying. My first clan was Paladins of Destiny, clan 11 at the time.

Syltheana: What influenced you to become a clanleader?

Asmira: Oh golly, umm, I didn't really realize I wanted to be one. LoV was in need of a leader and I didn't want to see it die so I took the position, but I do like being somewhat in charge. It'd be hard to have no clan where I wasn't leader, I think.

Syltheana: It's hard seeing the older clans fizzle out

Asmira: Yeah, always a bit of a bummer.

Syltheana: Can you give us some background on the clan?

Asmira: Hmm... well, I believe Hoggle started the clan. I joined LoV while Janna was leading. The clan was much more active at that time. After Janna, the clan was turned over to Damanien. I was his co-leader. There seems to be an unfortunate curse on the clan. Anyone who works on the webpage goes inactive, and so Damanien turned the clan over to me. I just hit my third-year mark leading LoV.

Syltheana: Is your clan still active?

Asmira: Slightly. We’re not completely dead. Fortunately we have a really great town so even if no one in clan is on, there's someone in town to keep you company.

Syltheana: It's a lot of work being a leader and keeping things active and running.

Asmira: Yeah, it is and it's always a bit disappointing when people decide to leave because they want people who give them everything or something like that. It's also my pet peeve when they don't bother to send a note about leaving!

Syltheana: Do you have any major plans for LoV's future?

Asmira: I'd like to see us get more active. Sometimes we'll have 5 or 6 people on at a time. Hopefully I'll do some more recruiting and Cheese Merchants and Death Corps are always really helpful

Syltheana: What do you look for in a player when they ask to join?

Asmira: They have to be nice, easy to get a long with, willing to learn and explore by themselves as well as join with others. The clan has always been a bit of a family. We're willing to help you out as much as we can, but we expect you to try things yourself. I don't like whiney people either.

Syltheana: Describe a typical day for your town, and for the clan.

Asmira: Hmmm. I'm not always on Asmira, but all my main alts are in town so I might be xping bloodline, bringing along clannies. My townies are pretty big on forming for xp or trading. I also often like to take people combing. I almost prefer it to solo combing.

Syltheana: Did becoming a clanleader also influence your decision to be an Avatar?

Asmira: Hmm... I can't remember which came first now. Must have been leading. Yeah, because I wasn't a hero yet, I don't think, when I became leader of LoV. I think it did influence wanting to become an avatar though. We have some avatars in clan, although inactive right now, but at the time, they were the really friendly clannies. They were really helpful to me and I enjoyed helping people find their way around the game.

Syltheana: So many people get caught up in just what material items a clan can get them, like maximum stats or money - how do you feel about that?

Asmira: I think people play Med for different reasons. Sometimes it's so they can get the best eq sets and have everyone fear them. If that were your reason to play Med, LoV wouldn't be the place for you.

Syltheana: Why do you keep playing after so many years? What keeps you going?

Asmira: Hmm... I like a lot of a people I guess. New changes, new zones keep things interesting. I like exploring. I like herobattling and I'm not a legend yet, so I still need to work on that.

Syltheana: Does your town participate in the new TOWNGAMES feature?

Asmira: Yes, in fact we won the very first Towngame and Vryce was surprised we didn't crash the game when we did. He put out an echo beforehand saying the game might crash shortly. Then afterward he talked to us on our clan channel for a bit about the new feature. It was especially good since it was double xp at the time. I don't think I've gotten that much xp at one time in a while.

Syltheana: Always nice to have Vryce come to you and you're not in trouble.

Asmira: Yeah, it was pretty exciting.

Syltheana: Tell us about your clanitem. Was it made before your time?

Asmira: A radiant silver sash embroidered with shimmering green tracery. It was made well before I even joined clan. It has a nice lookat description though. 'A sash made of the purest silver silk. Upon a closer look you see the words Honor, Loyalty, Virtue, Kindness and Truth embroidered in the shimmering green thread’. It sort of describes our clan too.

Syltheana: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with future clanleaders?

Asmira: I'd have to say if you're considering being a clanleader, you have to realize it is a ton of work. Not only is it expensive, but you have to be able to deal well with people. In general, people are pretty obnoxious and demanding. You'll have conflicts with clannies and other clans and those all have to be worked out. Clannies/townies will need help with everything. You need to be able to make people work well together and you have to be patient. I also think you should know the game really well before starting a clan. You should be familiar with the rules and how things work and just general info on all the zones. You don't have to be able to run every major eq zone, but you should know basics about acquiring eq and money, say through trading or autoquests. It's a terrible thing to see a clan disband so make sure you really want a clan before you take the steps to make one.

Syltheana: Thanks for spending some time talking about your clan. It's appreciated.

Asmira: Thanks.

I’d like to thank Asmira for giving us some insight on Legacy of Virtue and her time as leader. Thanks for reading!


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