Medievia Mudslinger

December 30, 2000

Clan Spotlight - Disciples of the Ancient Prophecy - By Maleah

I had the pleasure of interviewing the current clanleader of Disciples of the Ancient Prophecy (29), Ginthrum. The clan was started two years ago by Inanna. Some time later Inanna turned the leadership over to Morphious. Morphious was no longer able to invest as much time and step down to Ginthrum. After leading it for seven months this is what Ginthrum had to say.

Maleah: What made you decide to join 29?

Ginthrum: As opposed to joining another clan? Well, if that was the issue, I joined 29 because Lavinia wanted me to lead it and keep it alive.

Maleah: What do you like/dislike about leading a clan?

Ginthrum: The best thing I like about it is that I can get everyone involved in working for the good of the clan. It makes everyone feel like they make a difference. What I dislike it the fact that everyone seems to come to me for answers and I feel like I'm stretched very thin at times.

Maleah: What kind of activities do you get people involved with to help out?

Ginthrum: Well, I like to run some of the bigger equipment zones when I can. However, something the whole clan can get involved with is trading.

Maleah: What do you look for when enrolling new clannies?

Ginthrum: Well someone who is unselfish and has a semi-decent knowledge of the game.

Maleah: What do you consider semi-decent?

Ginthrum: A good understanding of how certain things in the game work always helps. For example, like how combat works or what attributes help with what abilities. In short, someone who is pretty familiar with the help files. We don't have any set clantax - we just expect everyone to donate some cash after a trade run because we do them for the common good. There's no required fees.

Maleah: Any newbie helping aspects to the clan?

Ginthrum: That's sort of an interesting question - this clan has had a lot of people who were singles and doubles become heroes in the past few months. Many of the newbies in the clan get a lot of help from the heroes because we have a lot of bloodline children. Our ideal recruit is a very high single or better, who we can sort of show them the ropes, and have them be real interested.

Maleah: Are there any people who concentrate on certain aspects of the game in exclusion to others? Like a trading leader or similar?

Ginthrum: Not really, we are all basically all rounders. When something is arranged we all tend to join in to help out.

Maleah: What are you looking forward to most with your clan?

Ginthrum: Hmm... That's a tough one. How about being able to pay the tax on all the rooms we want to build :p. Our eyes are bigger than our pockets :p. Most of the money to pay for it comes from trading, and eq runs. I do most of the building myself - let other clannies do some but it all has to follow my general scheme of things. I don't just want random rooms, I want a proper theme.

Maleah: What is your most memorable event/greatest accomplishment?

Ginthrum: Well, on a personal level probably winning the cleric championship belt, but for the clan it was probably when we got our own clantown.

Maleah: What aspect of having your own clantown do you like the most?

Ginthrum: The fact that it is our own, basically.

Maleah: What do you think your clan's strong points are?.

Ginthrum: Everyone is very unselfish...and we work well together to accomplish the things we want. Everyone is very aware of others' needs as well.

Maleah: What do you think makes your clan unique?

Ginthrum: The number !!. *giggles* Hmm... well... That's hard to say... I think the fact that some of the people have been here for the duration of their Medievia careers is unique. That's rare these days.

Maleah: If you had to quit Medievia today, what do you think would happen in your clan?.

Ginthrum: I think the people in the clan have more than enough to keep it going in the same direction its going.

Maleah: Which direction is that?

Ginthrum: Well, I guess our goal is to have a large active and knowledgeable player base.

Maleah: If your clan was disbanded, what do you think people would remember?

Ginthrum: Well, that's another toughie. They'd remember that the clantown was close to Verigaard Keep :p.

Maleah: Is there anything else you would like to add? Comments, statements.. ?

Ginthrum: I really like the idea of giving interviews. I think it gives the people that play a broader view of what other people in the game are like. I think these sorts of things are a good way to make Medievia unique as well. I know the owners and the imps/gods work very hard in keeping the game dynamic.

If you are interested in joining the Disciples of the Ancient Prophecy (clan 29) then feel free to approach any online clan member who has time to discuss the matter. Preference for enrollment is either a high level single class cleric or a double class character.