Medievia Mudslinger
April 29, 1999

The Chronicles of a Demon War - By Mattrim

You and a small band of adventurer's stumble upon a strange rune marked clearing near Mt. Vyrce. After a quick look, one of the men finds a secret exit to a tunnel system. As the a 3 members of the band explore it further, they stumble upon a secret vault…

Inside the vault they find a chest marked:

The Chronicles Of a Demon War: By Terion

As they pop open the lid, a small orb with a gold figurine of a Dragon embedded within it rises up. The orb glows and the explorers quickly put it into a bag and take it to the city of Medievia.

In the city, the Old Mage in the War Room uncovers it secret. The orb sends out a blinding ray of light, piercing your mind. A voice calls out to you "Beware mortals, for you have opened The Chronicles Of a Demon War. The knowledge contained in this orb cannot be found anywhere else in the land. And to leave the story one it has begun can lead to disastrous results. So if yea is not prepared to listen to all I have to say now then return when yea ha time!"

And then the world began to spin madly…

The small boy panted as he ran from the warrior who was attempting to kill him. He dodged past corners and through the suburbs, but the warrior kept on coming. H dashed by dozens of people who just laughed as the warrior gained on him. He ducked past Medievia guardsmen, who had fallen asleep. And he dashed past a priest who just cheered the warrior. The boy couldn't help but think Stupid Warrior, stupid newbie. Why do these adventurers have to chase ME! The boy tripped and stumbled in front of a warehouse as the warrior tackled him.

The young warrior flew over the boy as the tackle missed and crashed into the wall of the warehouse. The young boy quickly surveyed the street, and realizing that it was empty, ended the charade. The bow drew a small dagger and grinned. The young and puzzled warrior gave a perplexed look as the boy who had been running from him stabbed his leg. The warrior yelled in pain, a fatal mistake. The boy thrusted his hands forward and sent a powerful shockwave of energy at the warrior. The warrior's body burst into pieces and a pool of crimson blood stained the street. The boy looted the remainder of the warrior's corpse and quickly walked toward the Central Square of Medievia City, where he resumed begging for food and gold.

I couldn't but help to laugh. My name is Terion Al' Tessen, but you can call me Ter. And this is a portion of my chronicles called the small boy. If your are reading this, I'm dead, robbed or extremely well known for having a book published from this orb. I've been tailing him for over a year now and have decided to chronicle my actions within this orb. For those of you in the near future, this is a chronicle orb, it records events, and as you can see it's the size of your palm. When recording the orb merges with you're soul and chronicles events, like a diary, but you will be able to feel emotions and hear and see. So in respect its far more than just a diary.

Any way, the young boy is Alkan' and he's not quite what he seems…

16 years ago I had just initiated my self with the New Adventurers Guild and set out to gain experience from battling throughout Medievia. As I began my adventures I saw this small boy begging for gold. I had thought him pathetic and drew my blade. Within moments I slashed at his torso. To my disbelief the boy kicked me into an empty alley. The boy drew two daggers and a short melee ensued resulting my cloak being torn and the boy's tunic stained with blood.

They boy continued to circle in a fighting stance around me. "Your good", he said. He grinned and sheathed his daggers. "Really good for a newbie. How about this, you let me beg and I'll let you live."

My arrogant personality kicked in and before I realized it I had drawn a dagger in my left hand. "You'll let me live… heh that's a laugh. I'm not the one with a bloody chest BOY." I arrogantly motioned for the boy to attack me.

"Bloody chest?" The boy chanted a few words and the wound in his chest healed. "What bloody chest, NEWBIE?" The boy gave out a laugh that made my blood freeze. Instantly his hands rose and a bolt of lightning raced towards me.

I had barely enough time to dodge and mutter a curse before a second bolt sent me flying into the back wall of the alley. As I landed wit a thud I her a crack, followed by a tormenting pain race through my left arm, it was broken. My dagger on the floor and my sword useless I made a futile attempt to slow the boy down. I unhooked my lantern off my belt and threw it at the boy, who mangled it with one hit. I managed to get to my feet and charge at the boy before he could raise his blade back into a defensive formation. The boy ducked under my charge, and I kicked the back of the boy's knees, causing him to stumble forward. Falling forward I managed get past the boy and into the street.

Another young adventurer, a cleric came to my aid and heal my wounds. But before I could thank him, or warn him, he charged with his mace at the boy. He managed to lodge the mace into the shoulder of the boy, but it left him open to a dagger in the throat. The cleric staggered to his knees and collapsed into a pool of blood. I watched in horror as the boy lifted his blade and carved open the cleric's chest. He cast a few spells and lifted the heart of a virgin cleric, which he bottled away a focused his attention toward me. I threw my dagger and ran as fast as I could, glancing over my shoulder I saw the dagger protruding from the boy's chest, I never looked back again as I ran as for from the city as I could.

A year ago, I had been stopping into the city for a fresh horse to finish a trade run to the city of Trellor when I saw the boy kill another brash young warrior. I had completed all four of my classes, and well experienced in fighting and magical skills, so I resurrected the young warrior, and told him to avoid any boys that could channel bolts of lightning larger than his head. That was when I took a short leave from my clan activities and began to observe the boy.

I had used my extraordinary magical skills to form a telepathic link between my mind and the boy's. Though I was not able to probe his mind for many details, but I was able to learn his name and a few trivial details. Well that's all for my introduction.

Chronicle day 1:

Traveling through the "Thieves Highway", the roof tops of Medievia, I followed the actions of the boy, hoping that I would be able to further probe his mind. He managed to kill to more adventurers, all of which I resurrected, and loot a least a 100,000 gold pieces from an experienced Master Cleric.

Chronicle day 2:

More or less the same, he kills a few people, I save them. I probed his mind a little, and learned that he is well over 400.

Chronicle day 3:

I concluded that the boy must have some sort of artifact that keeps him young, for even after 16 years he doesn't seem to age, and it would explain his long life. Unless of course he's an elf… But I haven't seen his ears so I can't prove that, or he could be half elf…

Chronicle day 4:

I believe that the boy's status quo is killing 4 people and looting a few purses. Today was much the same.

Chronicle day 5:

I followed the boy to the Preserve, where he hunted and killed 20 adventurers. He then returned to the city and killed some more.

Chronicle day 6:

At first, it seems that the boy kills in self-defense, but he actually emits some sort of aura tat compels people to attack him. He lures and seduces his prey to an empty area, and then kills them.

Chronicle day 7:

I'm beginning to think that I may be one of the few who have escaped the boy's attack. And this has given me immunity to his seductive lure.

Chronicle day 8:

I was wrong, they boy's aura has been like a drug. I didn't feel it at first, but know I can sense that it effects me as well. However, my will power has been able to fight the aura.

Chronicle day 22:

I staggered into the mountain, the Alkan' still pursues me, as if he would stop. I fear that much of my chronicles have been destroyed by my initial discovery by him. He is far more wrathful than I ever could have imagined.

Chronicle day 23:

He found me, but I was able to recall to the city and hide. I can feel the seductiveness of the aura. I fear that I may no longer be able to resist it.

Chronicle day 24:

I have taken to the "highway" so that I could observe the boy once again. He detected my presence as I attempted to resurrect an adventurer and I was forced to flee at the brink of death. Another later resurrected the adventurer. I could feel the anger in his body towards the Alkan'. Chronicle day 25:

The adventurer, Allenolltis, seems to be an ally in my goal. He has confronted the Alkan' with a group of newbies and has survived. It seems that Alkan' has met his match with the Allenolltis and his group.

Chronicle day 44:

The last few days, perhaps more might be lost, Alkan's powers seem to disrupt and erase portions of the chronicles within the orb. My blood has spilled heavily over the streets of Medievia and I hope that I can live.

Chronicle day 45:

The Crimson Hawks celebrate, as Allenolltis has become a Master Cleric. The boy is now a Master Thief and Warrior. At this rate he will rival me soon. Alkan' is enraged, I can feel his anger through my link. He cannot stand that this boy will come to a power at which he will rival his strength.

Chronicle day 46:

I saw Alkan' confront Allenolltis and his newbies, the Crimson Hawks, and took the opportunity to stab three times into the back of Alkan', but as I held him at death's bed, he was able to flee. The Hawks do not know who I am, but the see me as an ally, and they know it has been I how has resurrected them countless times.

Chronicle day 47:

I'm getting weak, Alkan's is still a mystery but as he grows stronger from his kills, I grow weaker. The link seems to draw my energies; it seems that I am merging with Alkan'. What have I gotten myself into…?

Chronicle day 48:

It has come to the point where I can no longer move, I will soon have to release my Link on the Alkan' if I want to regain my strength. But I shall not give up till the very end… He who runs lives to fight another day… But I will not run.

Chronicle day 49:

I have found a sanctuary, in which I can attempt to probe the deep recess of Alkan's mind. The boy is so powerful, yet he has his own restrictions.

Chronicle day 50:

My body grown frail and weak, but I continue to make attempts. The Eagles and their sister clan, the serpents, confronted Alkan'. He was able to kill ten of their ranks, forcing them to flee. Alkan' grows stronger and far more evil with his kills. Chronicle day 51:

Alkan' rejoices, he has killed Allenolltis, but increased the resolve of the Eagles and Serpents. I can sense that Allenolltis' mind has merged with Alkan's soul. A similar fate awaits me. I can only guess that he hasn't unleashed his full potential because he doesn't want to call the attention of the gods upon himself.

Chronicle day 52:

My greatest fear has arisen… The boy, Alkan, is far more power than I imagined. He could rival a good I presume. He is a necromancer; I can feel his evil now. It is merging with me. I will become one with him. I must learn more of his secrets if I am able to prevail.

Chronicle day 53:

I tried to break the link, but it is too late. When my body fails, I will merge with him. I fear for my clannies. The information about my clan would be dangerous in Alkan's hands. I can only hope that my soul can hide the knowledge from Alkan's mind

Chronicle day 54:

THE GODS BE PRAISED. A young cleric has fully healed me and I now have a month to my life. The young cleric, Ter'nos, has become my ally. I have taken him under my wing and he will continue the chronicles should I fail.

Chronicle day 55:

Ter'nos and I have made a home of the sanctuary. It's quite nice and comfortable. Ter'nos has shown skill in telepathic powers, he will surly surpass me one day. He is the shining star in my life.

Chronicle day 56:

Ter'nos has shown that he is much more powerful than I am. He will be the pupil that carries my dreams. The future, I fear, is in his hands.

Chronicle day 57:

Ter'nos has confronted Alkan', but the necromancer fled. I believe that a true rival to Alkan' is Ter'nos.

Chronicle day 58:

Alkan' has destroyed the clantown of the Eagles, they exist no more. Perhaps 2 or 3 of them survived his wrath. Ter'nos had gone to help them, I fear that he may not have survived. The gods have yet to intervene… I had thought I had overestimated his full potential, but Alkan' still manages to surprise me.

Chronicle day 59:

No sign of Ter'nos, I fear the worst. The final battle is at hand, and I fear the worst.

Chronicle day 100:

A great sadness has fallen over me. My clan is destroyed. The Demon Alkan' has eradicated my sanctuary and my worst fear has become a reality, Ter'nos, is a prophet of the Demon now. Ter'nos leads the undead armies of the Demon in the east.

Chronicle day 101:

I tried to fight the Demon that was Alkan' but he has transformed into a living embodiment of a hellish energy. I was forced to recall to Medievia, the only place where the Demon cannot reach. The shield created by the gods prevents him from entering… For Now…

Chronicle day 102:

I hope that I can contact the gods, they are my only hope. But since the demon destroyed My. Vyrce I have heard no word from them. But could have killed the gods… For it must be they who created him… And all the gods create they can destroy… Or is the Demon an omen that the gods are not pleased with us.

Chronicle day 103:

103 days of my link has finally allowed me to have access to ALL of the demon's memories. He holds great knowledge, but he can be beaten. And yet as I have this access I must travel through a sea of memories to find the answers I seek. And the memories of those he has killed are part of this… I can only guess that those he kills in his Demon form have their soul take by him. In a sense he gains the strengths of those he kills, but does he gain their weaknesses…? Chronicle day 104: The demon has lived as a focal point of evil since before the dawn of time. Some 600 years ago a necromancer watched as Vyrce and the gods destroyed the demon. At this point a residue of the Demon's essence was collected into the body of a necromantic fool. 550 years ago the fool was killed by a great hero, who felt he could control the Demon. The hero was transformed, and threatened to destroy all of Medievia. Vyrce not knowing what was wrong with the hero transformed him into the form a small boy, who could only use his powers to defend.

I can only assume that the wards that transformed the Hero allowed the demon to form the seductive aura, a backdoor that allowed the Demon to defend and kill at the same time. Eventually the hero's soul became so evil that he gained power from death. This led to the demon's release.

I have used all my strength to try to reach the good within the demon, and succeeded for a brief moment, but only a brief moment... The Demon now sees me as a formidable foe, who can pose a great deal of damage.

Chronicle day 105:

My prayers go unanswered. The demon approaches my Altar. The resistance has begun to confront demon's undead army. Were oh were can the gods be…

Chronicle day 122:

Since fleeing the altar on my 106 day I have become Knight-General of the Resistance forces. I know lead a division of the only resistance to the Demon. I will DIE trying to kill this Demon.

Chronicle day 123:

News is bleak, while we hold: Toshi, Mahn-Tor, Ansor, Shadowclaw, and Thalos, we have lost: Trellor, New Genesia, and most of the Eastern Continent. The West remains a neutral ground, but with Trellor fallen; it may fall to the Demon soon. The army at Mahn-Tor is deserting the island within a few days… The risk is too great to hold the island… I hope that the people of the island can survive.

Chronicle day 124:

The resistance has formed a base at Medievia City; the magical shield still holds the demons at bay. Perhaps we can win. I have begun to comb the memories of the Demon for a weakness… but it seems futile.

Chronicle day 125:

I have arrived in Medievia to assist King Bashere. My link with the demon is an asset to the resistance and I will hopefully be able to defeat the demon. With the aid of Clerics, I have begun a full time job of combing the memories of the Demon for a "soft spot".

Chronicle day 126:

The resistance has confronted the Demon Army at Toshi. All of our armies, not protecting the city of Medievia, have gone to help them. The battle looks bleak on our part.

Chronicle day 127:

We have lost at Toshi, and we lost it bad. Now only the Medievia army remains to fight. The undead army is weaker now, but I fear we may still be unable to win without aid from the gods. My pleas to the gods have left me to conclude that the gods cannot aid us. I will continue to look into the Demon's mind to learn more… but what is left to learn. I think the answer eludes me because I look too hard…

Chronicle day 128:

Finally I have learned what I need to. This war is battle of Good and Evil, Monster and Terran; the gods cannot interfere till the end. As I see it, this battle has occurred many times, determine the fate of who rules Medievia. If the Demon wins, we will be trapped in the catacombs and such areas that had held the monsters. If we win Medievia returns to as it was. It seems we are on our own… may fate protect us all.

I have explored my link with the Demon as well. It seems that that I have gained an equal amount of power through the Link as the Demon has. Therefore I must be the one to confront the Demon, for only I have the power now. But I cannot unlock my full potential… I must pursue this as well if I am to win.

Chronicle day 129:

The demon army has made its first attack on the city. Tomorrow I set out with a small band to Thalos, where I must fight the Demon… it seems that in a few days this was shall end.

Chronicle day 130:

Riding on Dragons, we were able to reach Thalos. The bleak city had come to life with the resistance army living there, but the Demon's had returned it to its sorry state once more. I wonder... how is it the dragons have stood aside and not interfered…? Are they like the gods and will not choose sides…?

Chronicle day 131:

The Demon arrived, wherever he had been, he seems different some how… I attacked him, and he channeled an odd blast of energy. It is separating the orb from my body, what you witness now will be a Third-Person Recording of the final battle of the Demon Wars.

On top of a look out tower you can see Terion face off with the Demon. The two wield powerful swords, and with each clash of steel, the earth quivers. The land seems to tremble with each impact. And then figures form, floating in air, and they observe the battle that will determine the future of their land. The gods have once again appeared, but now as spectators.

Many of them lounge about the city, barely paying mind to what occurs. Yet some stare at the battle as if it were a great story being played out. And then there in Vyrce, who watches with a stern gaze that holds no emotion.

The two men battle each other with unrelenting force. They shatter buildings, statues, and trees in hopes to achieve a victory this day. They were truly equals, for neither managed to scratch the other. It was as if they knew what the other was going to do, and then blocked themselves.

Terion swung his mace and began to go through various forms with a mace, and then he pulled out his sword and began sword/mace forms. He then tossed aside his mace and went through sword forms. All the while the demon attacked and counter attacked. The two then tossed aside their weapons and began to channel bolts of lightning.

"You will not succeed today Terion." The demon's voice was confident and filled with hate.

"I won't let a scrub, second rate demon kill me without a fight." He dodged a bolt of lighting and then channeled a spell of shockwave, which flashed off the demon's mana shield.

"You've gotten better." The Demon spoke with the voice of Ter'Nos. "Ter, why don't you merge with the Demon, you will be his equal. Think of it the two of you will create a new race in glorious battle!"

Terion charged wielding a sword and hacking away at the Demon's shield. His fury prevailed and through his rage a new life seemed to have passed through the body of Terion. The Demon gasped as an aura of white light was emitted of Terion's body. "Well Demon, I've finally unlocked my full powers!" His blade burned in a white flame and Terion's fire-shield became a flame of solid white. "I am the holiest of the Land Demon! I am a SAINT! No I'm a GOD!!." His blade passed through demon's mana shield and fire-shield slicing the Demon's torso and sending it crashing to the ground.

The demon screamed. And then his body was surrounded with a pale black aura. The Demon's body contracted and morphed into the body of Alkan'. "So, it will be the hero who kills you." Alkan' laughed as his body was surrounded by a black flame.

"So it must be."

"So shall you die Terion, Hero of the light and defender of the good." The demon laughed as he charged toward Terion. _ "DIE! Alkan' slayer of the Demon, and Harbinger of darkness!" He charged forward.

The two men collide with a fierce clash and the energy that resulted destroyed the city of Thalos, and created a pit to the core of Medievia. The two fought for 366 days, the demon army had fallen back as had the human army. All throughout Medievia the battle of two gods could be seen in the sky. Every man, woman, child, demon, and monster watched. The gods watched.

The two combatants flew into a space. And then there was the explosion. The flames, a mixture of black a white, could be seen from any point of Medievia. The heat bore down upon the land in with an unrelenting force. For a brief moment all the beings in Medievia, god and mortal, held their breath.

And then they fell. Like two fallen angels of Hell and Heaven, Terion and Alkan' fell to the planet. The slammed into the dry sands near where Thalos one rose, they staggered to their feet, and stared at one another.

And then they attacked. Their bodies were lethal weapons, delivering more damage than any spell or weapon in Medievia could every deliver. Fists landed on metal and flesh, and kicks cracked ribs, yet the two continued to fight. Bones cracked and blood spilled, and the two continued to fight. Night turned to day and day turned to night, and still the two continued to fight. Days turned to weeks, and the two continued to fight. Weeks turned to months… and the two continued to fight. Years faded to centuries, and the two continued to fight. Medievia entered into a period called "Izk nok eln drym", Demon for the Eternal Blood War… and the two continued to fight.

And then Alkan' triumphed. He held the limp body of Terion in his hands, and laughed. A malevolent spell of evil coursed through the Terion's body. And then the Demon began to absorb the soul of the fallen hero. _ Terion screamed. The Demon army rose to attack the humans once again. And Terion screamed. Life began to wither away. And Terion screamed. Rivers flowed thick with human blood. And Terion screamed. The Gods weep and humans feel true fear. And Terion screamed.

And then in the midst of all the pain and chaos, Terion learned what he had sought centuries ago... before the war… And then Alkan screamed. Terion rose in might. Alkan' begged. The demons fell back. Alkan' cursed. The gods gasped. Alkan' cried.

Terion's body exploded, destroying Alkan's body. The energies released saturated the lands of Medievia. All life on Medievia ceased to exist. And then there was the void. The gods stood in a circle and in the center stood Terion and Alkan'.

"I can neither win nor loose." Terion spoke softly, his voice filed with depression. "But neither can you Alkan'." He smiled at the energy residue that was left of his foe. "Now we must become one." He raised his hands and the two souls merged. The white aura around Terion faded and his body changed slightly.

"You understand now?" spoke Vyrce. "We could not interfere, for this was destined to happen." The leader of the gods pointed towards the void.

Envia stepped forward and held Terion's hand. "You were destined for that battle. We did not recognize the Demon's power, but we knew that he had to be stopped by one of us in hiding…"

Omawarsian laughed looked at Terion. "You have existed as the balance of good and evil in the universe since its existence. Alkan' was you, and not you."

Terion grinned. "I understand… The demon was the focal point of evil, manifested as Alkan'. I was the focal point of good, not born in this world yet."

Vyrce nodded. He raised his hand and the chronicle orb appeared. "I managed to save it for you. I began to record everything from a rather… unique point of view. It will be the only thing that survives as a memory of this war."

Terion laughed. "That orb meant a lot to me. Thank You. I believe we will have to reconstruct Medievia? A task we should get too at once… I'll make sure that Medievia is returned to before I met the boy."

Vyrce laughed and the gods looked puzzled. "You know more than the other goods were told. You have the power to construct Medievia once again. I will aid you, and then you can live out your life as an extraordinary mortal." Vyrce raised his hands as Terion began to concentrate his energies into one small dense ball of energy. "Farewell Terion, Champion of light, Creator of the World anew, and trusted ally."

Terion faded and with an explosion of energy, MEDIEVIA was created. Time raced ahead to the point when Terion became an adventurer.

An eleven ranger shouted, "Welcome Terion, a new adventurer to the lands of Medievia!"

And so orb fell silent…

To this day it is still unknown why this is the only chronicle orb of its kind… when Terion had lived they were a common site… Perhaps Terion's wanted his most treasured possession to be unique… we may never know