Medievia Mudslinger
February 21, 1999

Medievia, It's A Changin-- By Devier

A year has passed since last I saw the Castle of dear Med,
I've upgraded my computer and played graphics games instead,
My 3d board is cool, and yes, the graphics look real nice,
But rendering and lens flare can't compare to damage dice!

Now quickly growing tired shooting Quake II demons dead,
I revved up good old Zmud and I signed on back to Med,
"At least I know that good old Med will never, ever change!"
But when I signed on once again the whole darn world was strange!

I checked my eq and I found that everything was old,
I went to Aramingo Ave. and found my locker sold!
A naked dude now standing in the middle of the city,
I wish I'd paid a few months rent, it really was a pity!

But still I had my clan, the good old Dark Lords of the Sith,
Though I soon learned that kingdoms too had become unto myth,
I typed in "who" and soon was struck and utterly amazed,
400 people online and the server wasn't fazed!

I scrolled on through the list of people playing Med today,
I saw some old names and I linked them just to drop a "Hey!"
And soon I noticed that these friends I'd known since level zeros,
Had long since I'd been playing Quake gone on and become Heros!

I checked my balance, 20 mil, enough to buy some stuff,
So that I'd get my stats back and no longer be in buff!
I saw the good old auction system still was being used,
I sat in Med square bidding "?"; for hours I perused.

I came across new items like a crystal of the earth,
I'd never guess that 2 mil+ was what that sucker's worth!
I asked around to figure out what this crystal is for,
And found Vryce added "Attune" spell and had more tricks in store!

The mages now are powerful, with mana shield and more,
"Ethereal" will even let them walk right through a door!
I went in NPK a bit to gather some xp,
With "Malediction" some bad dude decapitated me!

I killed a guy who chased me down and tried to strike me dead,
And from his corpse I took his rather gruesome looking head,
I'd auction it, 100 mil, man my ego was large,
Soon I found out this carried a 2 mil+ surcharge!

The clans had changed, they now had towns, and places for a wagon,
With brand new portals so you don't need to even call a dragon.
These portals rule, they're nice and quick, they sure beat lengthy flight,
Now I just wish the portal gremlins let them function right!

Heromounts and zones along with mob factions and more,
It was now clear the Med was not the game I'd played before.
But I still felt the friendliness of players every time,
Hence I wrote to the 'Slinger just to share with all this rhyme!