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Blades of War - the Contest!

To celebrate the release of 'Blades of War', Excrucior is having a little competition. To keep in line with the theme of the prize, a copy of said book - signed by the author if so desired - it's going to be a writing competition.

To enter, you simply have to write a story, and the judges will be your fellow players. The winner will be decided by a popular vote.

The Rules:

The story must be set in Medievia. Don't take huge liberties with the game system, though conditions will be less stringent than the normal MudSlinger rules. The normal rules on decency remain in place.

The shortest acceptable length will be five thousand words. There is no upper limit.

The winning author will have to contact Excrucior with an address to have the prize delivered, but the address will remain private.

The closing date for entries will be in two months - the sixth of May.

We will not edit articles for grammar or spelling. This will be your job. Your entry will go up as we receive it, but we'll happily insert the necessary HTML tags.

All entries must arrive in a TXT format attachment to an email sent to

Anyone can enter this contest - players and gods alike.

Shortly after the closing date for the contest, all entries will go onto the website for perusal. After a decent amount of time, the voting system will be announced.

Five thousand words sounds a large number, but it's not really that bad. Excrucior put a tale called 'Brothers' on the MudSlinger some moons ago (, and that's just over nine thousand words. It took him three days of writing between customers to get that ready. The average novel is roughly one hundred thousand words, for an easy comparison. You have two months to work out and write a submission for this.

Excrucior will be only too happy to give advice when requested, but he requests that this should not prevent normal submissions to the MudSlinger.

Happy writing!

The MudSlinger staff.

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