Medievia Mudslinger

June 17, 2000

Our Warrior Bold - By Ramwold

Our warrior bold set out, it is told,
To find some adventure and gold.
With fire in his eyes, and steel at his side,
He'd find them where-ever they'd hide.

O'er land he went, like a demon hell sent,
All the earth where he passed lay rent.
Many foes he found, but his sword swung around,
And their heads all fell to the ground

Onward he sped, leaving piles of the dead,
Our warrior, bathed all in red.
The foe that he sought he never had fought
With its head his fame would be bought

A dragon you know would have piles of gold,
In comfort our hero'd grow old.
He'd heard an old tale, and found the old trail,
In this task he knew he'd not fail.

He found the beasts lair and the dragon was there,
As large as three-score grizzly bear.
Fire flared in his eyes, he'd win or he'd die,
From challenge he never would fly.

For hours they fought, till the dragon was caught
Offguard and its destruction was wrought.
Proven his measure, and gotten his treasure,
Our hero could live life in leisure.

As he started to pack, a thief did attack,
And our hero was stabbed in the back.
And cleft to the bone, he let out a last groan...

He had entered a C P K zone.