Medievia Mudslinger

September 18, 2004

Medievian Bloopers

What a crop of misfortune we have for this edition. The harvest has been long in coming, but it is bountiful indeed.

First to admit to the slings and arrows of unkind fate is Alaethe.

When Dejaduo and I first got med-engaged, we were sitting at the recall point to E'nat'dae. We'd been sitting there talking and flirting for a while when he proposed. I had just said yes when *BAM!* A tornado killed us. We'd been so busy talking neither of us paid attention to the weather. My title for a while after that was "swept away by Dejaduo".

Dejaduo adds his own tales of woe.

I first joined Clan 20 when I had been playing Medievia for only four days. At some point, my new clan did a clan trade run, and they decided to drag me along. Apparently they didn't realize I had never done a trade run, and gave me very little instruction beyond buying a horse.

We bought covered wagons at Sea's End, then ran all the way up to Ruellia, which seemed like it took forever. My clannies told me to buy a mule, and when I went to get my cargo from my covered, the covered wagon was empty. No one, apparently, had told me to buy anything at Sea's End. I had dragged an empty covered wagon from one corner of the continent to the other. One of them felt bad enough about it that he gave me a good chunk of money.

The moral of this story is to make sure your new clannies actually have cargo when dragging them on trade runs.

Lindae ended up in a fishy situation...

The deep sea fishing quests have been changed recently, such that you no longer need to give your fish that you have caught to the Quest God, but rather turn them all in at the end (where you're given 30 seconds more) using a single command.

Now, there was this time I was at 78 fishes (using the count command) at the end of a deep sea fishing round (and in the 30 second fill interval) but this count included the oyster meat in the crimson clam shell (of which I had 3). Should I just offer the fishes in my inventory, it would only count as 75 (78 minus the 3 oyster meat). Deciding to maximize my fish turned in, I tried getting the meat out of the shell but to my dismay:

oyster: You can't carry that many items.

In frustration, I then proceeded to extra the meat out of the individual shells by typing the following commands:
put all fish bag
get bag
get meat
get meat
get meat

Now that I had gotten the meat out finally, I typed offer to turn in all my fish!

It was then I realized that all the fish had to be in your inventory (not in any containers, such as the majority of mine were) before they could be offered and counted by the quest god. Despite hastily typing get bag and then offer repeatedly, I could only submit 37 of the fishes in the remaining time I had left. It was only after the quest when the quest god announced the results that I discovered that had I just turned in the 75 fish (not including the 3 oyster meat) I had in my inventory all along and not packed them, I would have emerged champion in the Fish Caught category.

One little mistake ruined Nostorax's evening...

I remember a bad experience while taking part of one of my first couple of lairs. The forms got before the dragon, and someone dropped some heal staves. I got an orb of life, and the leader said to use it when dragon breathed. When it came time to use the orb, I used a sanc orb instead accidently. I must have swapped modes after holding the heal orb, which placed it in my container. So the score at that point in time was dragon 18, dragon hunters 0. After that, I tend to watch item keywords alot more carefully.

Kashkalgar has a tale that has been seen on many prayers from time to time, but never to this extent.

I just donated for a focus, aura, and a HP talisman. I didnt realize that the regular inventory command doesn't show donation items. I was setting my EQ modes and happened to read help inventory. I used inv d thinking that it showed items that had been previously donated and saw a hp talisman. I checked my eq, saw that I had the tali on me and wondered why the focus and aura didn't show up on inv d as well, as I was wearing them too. Well, I removed my other neck eq and tried wear hp100 and found that I had been carrying another hp talisman around with me in my inventory for months ... unworn.

The following tales all come from the boards at

Ozirius starts this section.

I remember as a level 20 or so triple-class thief, I was happily stabbing every mob in Crime Underground.

I stabbed a mob, which finally turned out to be Nephalis, the Viper. He beat me up after my sanc fell, so I fled, cast minor create trap, fumbled the first two attempts, and finally managed to create one on my third.

As I laid the trap down, it misfired, and killed me.

People on my chat just laughed at my embarrasment, and I'm pretty sure I blushed in real life too.

Xalinax follows on.

I was in Ryhordel in the room where there are two named mobs. One is sanc'd the other is fireshielded. I backstabbed the fireshielded one (didn't bother to dispel), and he died instantly. I queued up another "bs man" to kill the sanc'd guy. During the lag from the first backstab, the zone repopped, including the fireshielded mob. Guess who my "bs man" landed on? Yup, the fireshielded one. Needless to say, the first rebound weakened me enough that the second one killed me.

Xaux proves that combing and CPK don't mix.

The Catacombs popped in Fire Giants Keep and I was attempting to be one of the first in. I got to the entrance and somebody stabbed me as I was typing "down" into the combs. I later realized i forgot sanc and images and going into my HP mode before going into CPK.

Crazto tells it like it was.

A very embarrassing event: Thinking I was locked in Castle Medievia.

That happened with me, when I was still a wee li'l newbie. I almost had a panic attack, multiply it times ten, since I can't cast any spells and the exit was shut, and I *ALMOST* (note the emphasis of the word) used the pray command. Then I tried the door.

Instant mortification galore.

Ryndelle will look before she leaps in future...

Without going into too much detail...

I couldn't wait to make my first dragon hide eq. The plan was to make a nice 40/40 belt with ruby hide for the 75% !dispel/spell deflection proc.

Several attempts to locate shop in combs later ... I went in, answered my riddle, and followed all the directions really carefully to make my "perfect" belt.

I finished, left the shop, and could hardly wait to identify and wear my belt. I did, and the results caused me to burst into tears...

I had used 4 bronze hides instead of copper and came out with a 40hp/4hr ruby belt Probably not so bad for somone that isnt a mage.

So, I wasted my ruby hide, made a crap belt, and learned to pay closer attention to what I'm doing when I make DH EQ now.

Have you got an embarrassing moment? Do you want to make the entire game smile in rueful acknowledgement that they have done just the same? If so, email Excrucior ( or use mudmail, and send in your submissions. The usual rules of good taste apply :)


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