Medievia Mudslinger

June 28, 2004

Medievian Bloopers

Magical moments delight us: that first kiss, the fresh scent of a spring rain shower, and the time you dropped that hammer on your foot. Guess which moments we're dealing with today?

This month's first entry comes from Maligo.

It was my first time running combs. I was walking around, just looking for things I could kill. After taking three flees to kill a weed - for no eggs, I forgot to peek - I decided to walk around. Finally, I came upon a small slug.

I thought, "Meh, how hard can a slug be?" This time, thinking I was being smart, I peeked it, but I saw nothing. Thinking that I still might find eggs if I repeated, since peek isn't always reliable, I did it two more times. Suddenly I found myself dead! Only later did I realize "Oh, it was a thought slug."

Darkwind finds a slight fumble with his fingers to be very costly indeed!

Not long after joining Fate town, I got real interested in cpking. I did it night and day while I was logged onto Medievia. Anyhow, this one particular afternoon, we were staking Firegiants' Keep. We'd been there for a little while and all was well, watching where, playing agspoker, and generally being about as bored as possible while playing a game. After about two hours of this, someone finally saunters down, who could it be?


We should have known, right? Well, all of a sudden here is what I see...

ags:: drex on where
Krais:: spam drexlor
Tilda:: woo drex

You shout, '-z'.

krais:: er...
Tilda:: ROFL

You hear Drexlor shout, 'oh hi'.

ags:: god dw
krais:: wtg dw

As you can imagine, I was seriously embarrassed :P Not only that had I given away that it was staked, and we'd been there for a longgggggg time, but it was all because of an idiot typo which involved typing sho -z instead of who -z....

Just goes to show you how getting excited about something can cause cause major messes.

Egill thought he'd take advantage of one of Medievia's more violent occurrences...

A while back there was a crash and on reconnect the first thing I did was check for a catastrophe.

To my joy, the paper reported one in G'dangus. Perfect, I thought. Maybe I can get that "first to trade during a catastrophe" medal. With that in mind, I flew straight to Sea's End tp and bought a mule. I went cross country on dragonback hoping to beat everyone there.

Finally, I reached the trade post and typed "sell all". It was then that I realised that although I had bought a mule, in my haste I had forgotten to buy any trade goods.

A guy entered the tradepost a few seconds later and got the medal. He started whooping, so I just pretended I was only there to value :P

Have you erred in an amusing fashion? Don't hesitate to send your submission to Excrucior ( or via mudmail).


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