Medievia Mudslinger

May 15, 2004

Medievian Bloopers

Medievia is full of entertainment, and we like to capture the unintentional moments as much as the intended articles. Once more, we present to you the Medievian Bloopers.

Sidddy relates a tale of his youth...

When I first started playing Medievia, I was enthralled with the amount of different things to do. There were quests, trading, and pk. This was a mud that was different from all the others that I had ever played. Well after playing and experiencing Medievia, late one night I wanted to try something new - dragon hunting.

I was a level twenty single-class Warrior, and I had no idea of what I was doing. Needless to say all the heroes laughed at me and told me to forget it. This only resulted in me being more determined.

I spent lots of gold buying every dragon lair map that went up on auction. Finally getting nine of the same map I set out looking for a form of fellow adventurers to go and kill a white dragon. I finally got a form together after about two hours of shouting in the City of Medievia.

We were a rag-tag group of adventurers, but we were determined to kill this dragon. I handed out all the maps and told everyone to fly map. Nine adventurers went into that lair; we all died long before we ever got to the dragon. We never got past the second mob.

However, that did not dampen our determination. We all corpsed, traipsed to an altar, and went back in; and repeated this procedure about another ten times before we all called this adventure done.

It was then I realized that even though heroes may laugh at you and may not explain their reasoning to you, sometimes they have learned through their experiences.

Rennus explains that events from a couple of months ago were not quite his fault...

I had done my homework on Mellorian Citadel and had run it a few times. They had all gone off without much of a problem. I was taking a clannie along with me, a good aligned warrior to do the stabbing, and I was going to take care of the healing. He had told me before the run that he was short on time and that the run would need to be quick.

We secured the keys, and triggered the zone. Noire Barbe! We were getting the Sea Scales - one of the most prized items from the MellorianCitadel! As Noire entered the room, we offed him, and my partner removed his head. Let the carnage begin!

We moved through the zone watching the number of pirates drop as the time ticked away. We finished each floor keeping a close eye on the remaining pirates. As we finished the last level, alas, there was one pirate left - we had missed one along the way somewhere.

We frantically searched the zone looking for the last remaining pirate, all the while my form mate telling me "I've got to go REAL soon."

With less than a minute remaining, we found the wandering offender and offed him! Dashing to the Baron, my form mate told me "Great run, thanks" and promptly lost link. I quickly typed 'give head baron', to which the game replied "You don't seem to have that item". DOH! My form mate had the head and was 'gone'.

We had finished the run, but left without our prize.

Hannak recalls mishaps many leagues beneath Medievia's surface...

I remember a few months ago, two of my clannies and I were attacking the metamorph in the combs. As this happened at the time when the town was least active, we had to three-man it. This was when the nightmare started...

Our tank forgot to remove his ruby hands, resulting in him disarming the metamorph unintentionally. The disarmed metamorph grew stronger in melee attacks, causing the whole form to be in a very fragile state as I was the only healer.

The damage dealt to him was slow, but at least it was steady, and we finally got it to clinging. This was when a stalactite fell on me, and I was teleported to a holosection in the catacombs. Coincidentally, a horde of mobs happened to be at the room and killed me without giving me a chance to flee.

The two tanks, without their sole healer, fled. As a result our clinging metamorph was banked by other clans who have been waiting for us to fail. This is what Medievia is like, always expect the unexpected things to happen....

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