Medievia Mudslinger

March 28, 2004

Medievian Bloopers!

By you - the players.

First on the block for disarming honesty is Lerouxs.

A few weeks ago a friend and I were fighting our way through the spiderwode. Normally taking on a few of these creatures would be a decent challenge, but in the middle of the combat a few more wandering spiders entered the clearing, and we were now in serious trouble.

I, being the cleric was casting tremor, but unfortunately I was also lagging. My buddy quickly realized we were not going to survive and transported us out.

But as I mentioned earlier, I was lagging and still casting tremor, so as we arrived in the Clantown, I tremored a small posse of clantown guard mobs - who quite promptly massacred us!

We saw the funny side, but now I very carefully count my tremors as I cast them, hoping to avoid a repeat.

Loriath had his own encounter of the blushing kind...

This happened way back when I was a single class thief. At the time, my prized possession was a 2hr/3dr curved scimitar that I had picked up off auction for the shockingly high price of 500k (a world of money to me at the time).

I had fallen into a nice groove of wandering through the wilderness XP'ing off ogres, sunsprites, and baenlyrs. During a pitched battle with a dreaded baenlyr, I saw the message "You feel sapped of strength and drop a Curved Scimitar".

I managed to finish off the pesty baenlyr with my fists, as it was clinging when I was poisoned. The moment it was dead I typed "get scimitar" as I had seen that I dropped it. To my shock and dismay, there was no scimitar on the ground. Of course, I now know that it was in my inventory the entire time, but being the complete newbie that I was I assumed that the "dropped" message indeed meant I had dropped it, and I spent a very long ten minutes trying to pick up the non-existent item before I gave up and walked away, saddened and short a scimitar.

About an hour later, after buying a new weapon off auction, I noticed the scimitar in my inventory. I suppose the moral is don't believe everything you read.

Damaiou admits to having been young once...

About three years ago in real life time, I got one of my friends into Medievia. We were both around level ten (he a warrior, me a Cleric) when we decided it would be fun to to do our first Trade Run. Whoopie! Well, we were both total newbies, so we had no clue what we were doing. Unfortunately, we didn't have a clan at the time, so we just decided to wing it.

The run was from the City of Medievia to Trellor. We didn't have refresh. We didn't have invisibility. We were even so unknowing that we did the entire trade run without horses - we did the whole thing on foot.

To make a long story short: seven hours, thirteen Mob Factions (but we didn't know they were Mob Factions then), about twenty-five deaths, and fifteen or twenty vicious sunsprites/baenlyrs later, we finally got within view of Trellor. I got over-zealous and took off, running full force for the Trade Post. I didn't realize that in my haste I had left our freight behind when turning a corner. My friend and I arrived at the Trellor Trade post, only to hear this:

"At 8 o'clock, not far from here, you hear howls of triumph as a pack of dogs rip your goods to shreds. You can kiss your freight goodbye."

Oh, those were the days...

Have you got an amusing tale to share with the world of Medievia? Email Excrucior with the details, preferably using the subject heading of 'blooper'. Remember - pride is overrated.


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