Medievia Mudslinger

January 25, 2004

Medievian Bloopers

In keeping with our tradition of allowing people to let the world know of their errors, the Mudlsinger brings the latest edition of Medievian Bloopers to its pages.

First on the block is Ghoti...

The lair was cleared. The hide forms were set. The cash form was set. The forms moved into position in the LPK room.

I reached for the backspace key to correct a typo and hit my "--;flee" macro key.

You flee in a near-blind panic.

Iasag the Ruby dragon kills you ... Lie still; You are dead!

So much for getting a hide on that ruby.

Semptocus tried not to let real life problems get in his way...

This takes place way back in the days when I was a single cleric. At the time, any level thirty-one character could see my prays. I had been killing things with a form in the Fire Giants' Keep the night before when my power went out. The next evening, when I logged in, I was locked behind the door. As a newbie, what would you do in the situation?


So I prayed and watched for my savior to come. I sensed my hero coming to my rescue, so I waited at the door for it to open. The door opens and my hero enters the room and promptly attempts to stab me in the back. Some savior!

Luckily the stab was weak, and I fled the keep with my equipment intact.

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