Medievia Mudslinger

November 15th, 2003

Bloopers - compiled by Excrucior

Although submissions for this have been thin on the ground, we have a couple of amusing anecdotes for this issue.

First on the block is Velsara:

I was in a lair run, the third one I have joined so far. Our forms proceeded smoothly and reached the last room before the dragon. Our lair leader instructed us to "Spell up, Strength up 3 times, go lair mode".

Being a single cleric who does not know the Strength spell, I carried with me some Strength potions, "cloudy white potions" to be exact.

Just when we were ready to go into the dragon room, I started to quaff the potions by typing "quaff white" 3 times.

To my utter surprise, I found myself recalled back to the nearest clantown.

I later realized that I had only two Cloudy White potions left, and the third one I quaffed was a swirling potion of blue and white (recall potion). I was so embarassed and imagined that my formies must be laughing hard by then.

Well, the lair run was not so successful in the first pass, and I was able to join back the forms after they corpsed and returned to the lair. I have learned not to trust the potion color as the key word!

The only other entry for this issue comes from Portilius:

My first character started as a mage, and when it came time to multiclass, I readied myself to go into CPK. Back in those days, the High Point of Mount Vryce was still CPK, and people had lost their hard-earned final level to lurkers before then.

I was ready and spelled up, and I spent roughly half a second in the room changing my class before I ran back down into safety. Most of my equipment fell off me, as you might expect, but I was safe.

I tried to get a recall potion from my pocket, only to realise what I had forgotten. None of my clannies were on, and I decided that the fastest way back would be to get killed and zombie-walk back to the City of Medievia. There were no mobs around that could do that for me, so I started to head down and decided to go into the wilderness to find something handy.

I'd spelled up before going into CPK. My routine included Stone Skin. I was no longer a mage. I was no longer high enough level to dispel my own magic. There was no one in shouting range and still no clannies online.

Walk, walk, sleep. Walk, walk, sleep. Walk, walk, sleep.

After twenty minutes of real time, I had descended perhaps half the route, but a clannie came on and summoned me. I'll not forget that in a hurry.

Do you have a blooper for us? Send it in to Excrucior ( and see if you can get into the next issue :)


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