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April 22, 2001

How to Find the Right Bloodline Parent - By Lauterwasser

Bloodlines have been apart of the game for over a year now, and have become an important feature. If you are new to Medievia, or have not logged on in over a year, you should read help bloodline. There are now a few Legends, those who have 5 or more generations below them, and have maximum regeneration and a nifty flag to boot. Sadly, there are also many heroes who have given their children to players who have abandoned them, been purged, or cannot stand them personally and are unable to disassociate themselves from them. There are also many newer characters that do not understand the value of being a bloodline child, and therefore do not seek to become one. I have now played two bloodline children and been the parent of three, so, I highly support this feature and encourage players to take interest in this intriguing segment and try it for themselves.

There are many reasons why a player would want to play another's bloodline child, and they are often quite compatible to heroes who wish to continue theirs. First of all, the biggest encouragement to have children is once their child has heroed and produced an offspring, they receive a higher regeneration for hit points, mana and movement. This allows them to become much more dangerous in pk and more resilient in other situations. This is frequently inspiration enough to want to continue their bloodline; although some seek to have children because they have an honest desire to help and teach a player their own personal wisdom. A bloodline child, in return for all their hard work to give their parent this better regeneration, receives +1 to all base stats. This means, if you play a bloodline cleric, your wisdom will be 17; a mage would have 17 intelligence, a warrior would have 17s in strength and stamina, a thief would have 17s in dexterity and stamina, and all other stats would be 14. Beyond starting statistics, the child would hopefully have a mentor to help them learn zones, resurrect them when they die, give them advice and help with equipment. Some people join other's bloodlines simply for the company, or to trade favors; such as heroes who play each other's child.

With reasoning as to why a hero would want to share their private channel and extend time to help another player, as well as many benefits of being another's child established, let us delve into what would increase the odds of finding the right match. This may sound a bit like "how to find the perfect mate", but in a way it is. Once a hero has given away the only two children they can ever have, they cannot take them back or disown them, and forever they will have a connection to one another through telepaths and bloodline say channel. Taking on the responsibility of successfully heroing this character and keeping up with the parent's expectations should not be taken lightly.

Before searching for a bloodline parent, consider your own strengths and try to figure out what you would need in a parent to balance this out. It is wise to seek out a parent whose strengths are your weaknesses, but interests are similar to your own. It would be difficult to ascertain this if you are completely unfamiliar with the game, and I encourage singles who are looking for such a mentor to level their character to 25-27. Once you have reached this level, you have shown a high interest in the game, and gained enough basic knowledge to have a grip on what you are good at, what sorts of activities you enjoy, and what goals you may have involving the game.

Although there have been winning combinations that have been produced through advertisements in the library and whispers over the gossip channel, the best marriages I have seen have been through established friendships. Spend time formed, talking, and such before making a commitment. This is frequently attained from associations from clans and towns, but could also be from meetings via mutual friends.

It is important to develop a bond or some sort of sense of loyalty before committing to such an arrangement. Personally, of my two dads and my three sons, I have lost a father and two children through inactivity, so I understand the heartbreak of having dissolved expectations. Therefore, be up front with any possible chance that you may soon have to take a leave of absence, or unsure of your dedication to the game. Also, establishing trust is desirable, since you will always receive notifications when someone in your bloodline has been killed, whether by a player or otherwise. According to idealist, the controversial concept of bloodlinewhere has been rejected, so there is still some sense of privacy that can be retained.

Some people may wish to go beyond the logical and sensible to the more superstitious approaches. Of course there are various ways of being superstitious, but having known the prospective child/parent a certain many days; waiting until you have a big disagreement and exploring how you deal with it; and even using astrology are such examples that are quite valid. (As a side note, I am astrologically compatible with my remaining child and parent, and somewhat loan the success of our relationships to this. According to astrology, my bloodline father and I would make good business partners, and my bloodline son would actually make an ideal child!) Not all people are comfortable with such nonsense, but there are still many who believe in them heartily, and if you believe in it, odds are it will work.

Why would you want to start all over again after getting through most of your first class? There are various reasons that would be unique to every individual case, however, there are a few standard. First of all, even though it may seem that once you have reached level 25 you have completed the majority of the class, it is not true. The experience needed to gain to the next level is increased dramatically beyond level 25 and additional MLR requirements are enforced, so in actuality, the majority of the class is not yet completed. Having these additional MLR requirements and substantial added experience needed, it is beneficial to have somebody watching over you, looking out for your needs and assisting. As well, having the additional statistic gains save a lot of practice points from training them to max. Having attained the knowledge of different zones and necessities before starting over will make the regaining the levels amazingly easier.

So, what would set you apart from the pack of newbies and return players who wish for a fresh start that you should be chosen to continue a hero's legacy? As mentioned previously, gain a respectable amount of levels, engross yourself with all the ins and outs of the game as much as possible, show your ability to adapt and learn fast, and befriend yourself with heroes, quads and fast-leveling triples with whom you respect, admire and possibly would want to be associated with forever. Even if a hero you admire has already given away both of their children, all is not lost. Their child may hero soon and you could then have 2 generations above to assist you in your journeys, or perhaps they could introduce you to others who are seeking out for someone to play their child.

There are several heroes out there who are willing to offer incentives to play their child. As with looking for a job, the more experience you have, the more you can demand, and the more demand there is for you. Some heroes are willing to furnish an entire set of donation equipment (read help donation); others are willing to do so upon reaching hero; some will furnish hit point talismans or some other partial set; and some do not offer those things, but will hand over equipment, share their knowledge and accesses to other advantages. Before accepting the first offer to play somebody's child, decide on terms and expectations.

This may be the end of the article, but it is far from the end of the story for bloodlines. I expect many new developments in the future for bloodlines. The first dozen Legends will be awarded castles, and the few in current existence are anxiously awaiting this. The possibility of having family warships could prove to be exciting for those in highly active and prolific families. Most all current members of a bloodline are looking forward to bloodlinelog and bloodline off. Certainly there is more in store, we will simply have to explore this module further, and time will tell.

Happy XPing, parent hunting and may you reach Legend status for yourself!


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