Medievia Mudslinger
March 7, 1999

Ask Balin

Annoyed since your letters to Dear Abby never get answered? The Dr. Laura radio talk show hotline always busy? Well now your pressing questions WILL get answered here on Medievia! I have decided to start a Mudslinger Questions and Answers column about the game, mud clients, social issues, and even problems with your computer. So just send your questions in and I will answer them. It's as simple as that. Every week or so I will take what I think are the best questions that would most benefit the entire of Medievia and post them on the Mudslinger (If you wish to remain anonymous, just tell me in your question). Just send in your question to my email address at Please don't mudmail me because I don't want to get swamped with little pieces of paper. Also a note about social issues: please do not send me questions that belong on Jerry Springer because I won't answer them. Anything else is fine.

So just send in your questions now to and get them answered.

Jhenadawn asks Balin: I have a concern that is not found to be very important to my clanleader. I really respect my clanleader and like my clan, but they just keep telling me that we basically agree but that I should just not be so picky and insistant on getting an answer. I told the leader that it was important enough to me to go to another clan that would care enough to answer the question if they really could not answer it. Now my clanleader is not really speaking to me at all and treats me like a traitor. What do I do now? Have I made a fatal error that cannot be fixed and I should look for a new clan or is there something I can do.
Thanks for your time,

Response: You didn't do anything that can't be fixed. You just used the wrong words to express what you felt. Looking for a new clan would be a last resort to this problem. Just go up to your clanleader and *respectfully* apologize to him for being rude and insulting the clan. Nobody can stay angry forever and since he will realize that you didn't mean to insult him he won't consider you a traitor anymore. Apologizing will start the healing process, which may take a while. During that process be especially nice to your clanleader so he knows that you really care, and eventually he'll forgive you. If that doesn't work then wait a while to see if he cools down and then try again. Maybe he'll forget about it. With most problems like this the answer is a sincere apology.

Well thats it for this week. Remember to send in your questions!
* Balin