Medievia Mudslinger

The Awakening--By Xilan

It had started as one of my usual excursions in the collection of artifacts and discovering the secrets of Medievia. I was sleeping in my clanhall when Laray had awoken me. Her beautiful face was a pleasent suprise that morning, especially after the horrible run in with the First House of the Drow the previous week. She told me that a week had gone by, and I slept in a deep comatose state the entire while.

"Urrrnn... You look familiar" I said, realizing we had met before, I offered her and the mercenary outside of my clanhall to help me seek for some leads into the darkest secrets of Medievia. She asked me no questions and immediatly summoned a dragon and asked me where we were going, I told her the Pyramid. She nodded, and then asked me why I said she looked familiar. I promptly shook my head and told her I didn't remember. I called my dragon as soon as her's arrived. I told her to go and I would catch up, the mercenary and I mounted my dragon brief seconds after she left.

"There it is, The Great Pyramid of Talqaxtyl." I uttered and then wiped some sweat of my brow, the heat and humidity of the jungle made it miserable to wear my heavy platemail, and I recall it wasn't too comfortable for Laray nor the Merc either. The trio of us travelled deeper into the jungle, we looked at the exotic fauna and flora. Then a deathly silence fell over us. The loud squaks of the bird, jibberings of the monkies and the low growls of predatorial cats had just stopped. It was rather frightening, I could see Laray quivering in fear a little bit, and the merc was ghost white.

"Xilan, what's going-" Laray said before she was cut off by the volley of arrows that descended upon us and killed our mercenary partner, I managed to blocks the arrows with my shield before either Laray or I were hit.

The fanatic zealots from the nearby village made us know that we were not welcome by immediately attacking us with their simple bamboo weapons and spears. Though simple, they could still manage to inflict nasty injuries on a unprepared individual.

The fanatics obviously meant to kill us, and Laray and mine priestly skills were inadequite for attack, meant more for defense. Yet, the spell Tremor was a great lifesaver in this event. The spell quickly scared off the natives and left Laray and I to continue on, alone.

By the time we finally reached the pyramid, the sun was setting and deep orange ribbons of light were strewn across the green and yellow canopy of the jungle, Laray and I got to the enterance just in time to watch the first stars come out in the sky. There must of been millions of stars that night. Then I felt this dread sense pull at me, what lied beyond in the pyramid? Not many knew, nor did many survive to return.

"Xilan, can we stop her for a few hours, I'm exhausted..." Laray said in a half-yawn. I decided we should rest but it would be best to stay out of view of the fanatics in case they had decided to come back and kill us in our sleep. We found a quiet and secluded alcove and quickly fell asleep.

That night, that horrible, evil dream came to me. I saw pain, suffering. Dread and death in Medievia. Somewhere, it was not to clear. It was dark. Blood covered the lands. The blood in a huge river, replacing the Courrian flowing from Mount Vryce. The earth was cracked in some places revealing the hidden network of tunnels and lava flows deep within the crust of Medievia. Then I looked up at the blood red sky and sensed that this was not the Medievia I knew. It was taken over by some horrible kingdom seeking power, only to take it through Armaggedon. The once forested lands were now burnt to the ground, cratered by meteor impacts and pocked by explosions and floods. When I finally woke up from that horrid nightmare, I was sweating, gasping for breath. Then I realized it was just a dream, the oppressive atmosphere, evil, unholy presence was the figment of my imagination. I looked out at the horizon, the sun had not risen yet, but the stars were starting to disappear... I decided to awaken Laray and continue our quest into the Pyramid.

Laray and I went into the antechambers of the Ancient Tomb, almost uninterrupted. Yet still, our greatest challenges were to come. There stood Ixamucane. The Lord of the Dead, and he wasn't friendly either. Laray and I used our strongest spells upon him, ranging from Flamestrike, to harm, which only seemed to help him, and finally Dispel evil, after a long fight, the death lord was finally slain and we could continue on our way.

"Is it getting hotter in here, or is it just me?" I said to my companion who just looked at me and shrugged. After climbing a staircase into the top level of the great Pyarmid, we encountered, two of the largest snakes we had ever seen.

"Those horrors make the brutes in the graveyard look like simple garden snakes." Laray shrieked.

It was quite true. These beasts were horrors in themselves. Though after a long hard strife, and numerous bites and injuries, both snakes were subdued, from one of their mouths, we took the key to open the door to the final chambers. We entered, hoping not to be crushed by an angry god. Though instead we found a quiet and almost deserted inner-sanctum were we could rest.

After relaxing for about an hour, we prepared ourself to approach whatever remained, as we approached the center of the dark inner sanctum. As we grew closer, we heard a deep, ominous chant in a language no one could comprehend in this era. It was an ancient language lost in time.

We found the spirit of the most powerful priest of the God Talqaxtyl. It was angered at our presense and immediatly attacked Laray and I. Though numerous times, we almost lost our lives, the gods seemed to favor us and allowed us to defeat this abomination of a soul. After the destruction of the spirit, I strangely, collapsed into a comatose.

During the time I was out, I had that dream again, but this time, I heard a woman's voice, yet, not Laray's whispering in my ear, seek the Sea of Infinity. There at the island shaped like the Moon and a Star, you will find your answer. I had no idea what this meant, as there was nothing but empty space on that island. No gateways, castles, or otherwise.

When I woke up again 3 days later in my clanhall, my clannies were clustered around me, and asked me what happened, I was mumbling Oceanius Infinium or Sea of Infinity in my unconcious state. I feel that this dream had some great importance to me, and it may have been a prophecy of some sort. Or even, An Awakening....And I knew this was just the beginning of a much more massive trial ahead of me...

The End.