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March 30th, 2003

Hints for those beginning to Autoquest - By Rizon

Though I have written this article on autoquests with the newbie or beginner in mind, I hope that experienced players will also find it useful and informative. An autoquest, for those who are unaware of the details, is a quest set up within the game. The autoquest may have many parts that need to be completed, or it may have a only two - each one varies. The one thing that is the same in all of them is that you, the player who receives it, must be the one to complete all the autoquest. Sometime it can seem to be impossible, but they are not.

Over time I have come up with some hints that should help a beginner to complete autoquests.

1. Thoroughly explore the areas that are recommended for your level or lower. You should only receive an autoquest that your level can complete. You have a greater chance of having run across an objective of a future autoquest if you take the time to look around. This activity is likely to save you some stress later on. A fun and profitable way to do some exploring is as a formation with some friends. While you look around, you and your companions can earn XP by killing mobs as well as whatever treasure they own. Plus whoever is leading the formation will earn points for that as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone. You can also alternate who leads from time to time to make it more appealing to others.

2. Keep logs. This is actually a good idea for more than just autoquests. You never know when the random bit of information may be useful, and it only takes a moment to check a log using Notepad's Find command. If you make logs, you should give the log a descriptive name like medcity for time spent in the City of Medievia. This will make it easier to locate relevant logs quickly.

3. Keep a record of any unique mobs that you run across, including where you found them. This record should be easy to access before you start on an autoquest.

4. Keep track of quests. Try to remember from the first objective the other parts of the quest. Occasionally you may already have some of the equipment at hand for the autoquest in question, though many quests do require you to find a fresh example of the item.

5. Feel free to use CLANTALK to ask your Clannies for advice or help. Do not take it the wrong way, however, if you get no response. No one may be able to help at the time or the autoquest may have a "NOCOMMUNICATION" flag on it. If you get a response and they know the autoquest, ask if anything like spells are needed. Spending a moment to ask at the beginning might save you a great deal of time when it counts the most. You can also use other channels like GOSSIP, SHOUT, and TOWN for advice or help. This brings up the next hint.

6. Even though it is common sense, I feel I need to say, DO NOT SPAM. Make your request once, then go on or wait. If your request on the channel appears at the beginning of a lot of other information, you might try a second time in case it was not seen. That should be it for that channel though. If you spam a channel you are likely to annoy someone, and then the best you can hope for is that they will ignore you. I know this from experience.

7. There are a few things that you might want to consider, or others might, when you are asking for help. Do you help others if you can? If not you may wish to start, especially for clannies and friends. Do you thank others that help you? Showing your gratitude is likely to cause others to help again. This does not have to be anything fancy. Just a note in the mail or saying 'Thanks' will do. That way they know they have not wasted their time.

8. Autoquest scrolls are flagged as "NORENT" so they will disappear when you log out. Do not worry about it, losing a scroll that way does not count as a failed autoquest. As such it does not appear on your AQ History, nor does its objective.

9. Try to figure out the next step, even as you are on your way to the first one. Ask yourself questions like: Are you headed towards a probable fight? If so you may want to get your weapons and spells ready in advance.

10. If you fail an autoquest do not worry or brood over it - you do not lose AQ points for failing. You may even run across the same quest again sometime, which is the reason for #4.

11. Above all you need to keep a calm, cool head. If you stress or panic you are likely to waste valuable time. Some of the quest have a time limit and even if they do not, they are easier to complete if you are able to concentrate.

In the end you need to remember that it is all up to you. While clannies, dragons, and portals can sometimes be helpful, they may not always be available. You should be prepared to face the challenge alone. When you are in an autoquest you need to remember to remain calm. After all, the quest is suppose to be a challenge and entertaining. It is not supposed to be maddening.


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