Medievia Mudslinger

July 21, 2000

Med Addicts: - By Worrek

  1. Have an uncontrollable urge to say "retel" before starting to talk again when in a conversation.
  2. Want oh so badly to be able to "c farsight" when walking down the street.
  3. Think they have to "scan" to look through doorways.
  4. Think that they can use their special ability "pick" to get into the house without the keys.
  5. Try to "c locate remote."
  6. Tell everyone they can't be beat at Hide and Seek because they know "hide."
  7. "C invis me" and run around without clothes on, snickering at people quietly.
  8. Think they have to wait a "round" in a fight before they can go after their opponent again.
  9. Try to "c remove poi me" when they feel bad.
  10. Try to "link" and teleport to another, separate world.
  11. Try to twist their faces after they tell a joke to look like this: :P.
  12. .Actually say, "hehehe."
  13. Occasionally say, "Is anybody running any TRs?"
  14. Think they can talk to other people that are asleep when they are asleep themselves.
  15. Watch out for which bugs to kill or not to kill, because they don't want to corrupt they perfect "alignment."
  16. Think inside their minds, ".---===*****===---.SPELL UP csme cleme cpro cqme cdetecev cdetecin cshie carme cbleme cphant cinfr cbreme sc a cinme csme"
  17. Enter the olympics for swimming, then find out they can't "c breathe water."
  18. Think that they can never be mugged or robbed by anyone unless they are in CPK zones.
  19. Try to use the "idea" command when they come up with a good idea.
  20. Always keep moving so that they never slip into the "Void."