Medievia Mudslinger

May 15, 2004

You Might Be Addicted To Medievia When... By Sidddy

  1. You think that every one at the bar sucks 'cause they only can cast one image.

  2. You rearrange your living quarters so that the fridge and computer are in the same room as the toilet.

  3. You come up with a new phrase to display your anger: "Son of a Moxon."

  4. You begin to notice that your house has more Medievia Merchandise than matching dishes.

  5. You go AFK while in CPK to go pee, and fall down the stairs you're in such a hurry to get back.

  6. Your "Things to do Today" list contains more then one EQ run.

  7. You wait till after you go to sleep to open bills that you receive in the mail hoping they go blank.

  8. You and your friends consider "Guy's Night" a case of beer and planning your next CPK Stake.

  9. You have your character name tattooed to your body.

  10. When your bloodline son uses a decree, you need laser tattoo removal surgery.

  11. You and your real life friends call each other by your character names.

  12. You pound on your best friend's front door who lives next door at 3:00 am to wake him up and tell him to log on you need another person to stake Fire Giants Keep with you.

  13. You wonder why his girlfriend throws a glass of water in your face for waking him at 3:00 am.

  14. Your neighbor has complained to you more than once cause of the items being thrown against the wall when you die a horrible death.

  15. Your mother comes over to visit, takes one look at your computer desk, and says, "It must have been double xp."

  16. You get upset with your wife cause she decides she wants to log on right as you finally talk your clan into running something.

  17. You and your wife argue over who gets the Dragon Crystal you just found; you for finding it, or her for allowing you to still be playing.

  18. Your friends ask you what you want for your birthday and you tell them a max GMage set.

  19. Your friends actually understand what you're talking bout.

  20. You break your finger and have to do without Medievia for six weeks and think your life is ruined.

  21. You realize that out of the past four relationships you have been in, four of them have been ruined by the amount of time you playing Medievia.

  22. You think that it is still their loss.


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