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August 27, 2001

An Offer for the aspiring Mudslinger Author!

Recently, one Frank Blisset who has an interesting project underway has contacted us. He's collating a series of short stories from many different MUDs and is intending this for release as a themed anthology for people to buy.

He's asked us to pass on his offer to any players who feel up to the challenge so here's the details.

The collection will include stories from all over MUDdom, whether the game be fantasy, sci-fi, historical, or modern day thriller, or whether it be pure RP or hack-and-slash. Likewise, authors are welcome to submit all types of stories. Character sketches, mythology and tall tales, retellings of glorious battles, and even epic poetry will all be considered for inclusion. The primary qualification for the stories (besides those listed in the submission guidelines) is simply that the stories should be well-written.

The current plan (subject to change) is to publish the collection as a trade paperback, primarily through Projected release date is spring of 2002.

While I cannot, in one volume, include a story from every single MUD out there, I'm going to try to maximize the number of MUDs represented by limiting the number of stories included from any single game to only one (although multiple submissions are welcome). Of course, the MUDs' administrators will have the option of not allowing any stories published which depict their world's unique characteristics if they so choose.

More information can be found at or by emailing me at

Story Submission Guidelines:

Notes from Excrucior for anyone wanting to attempt this:-

If you feel up to the challenge then feel free to ask me about your ideas or for any comments for the finished article before it is submitted. Please note that although he accepts DOC files, I do not so TXT format only please :)

The language and violence acceptability aspect will be easy to follow for anyone who has read HELP RULES as well as HELP MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT and so forth.

Story length - as a general guide to working out how long a piece is then use the estimate of 20Kb of pure TXT file to 3000 words (if you use Word then it has its own word counting facility). Most Mudslinger stories don't go above that, a few do.

He requires that stories should be well written. I have two things to say to this. Firstly, it should also be entertaining - well written does not preclude a dull storyline so give it twists and turns. Secondly, you have to make sure someone not familiar with the game system would be able to understand what you are saying. Don't use ingame terminology, ingame elements that people wouldn't understand without playing the game - if in doubt, ask me first. is in no way responsible for this project - if your work is accepted then we will not be able to intervene should things go wrong. We can help with suggestions on writing the article but that is as much as we can do.

The Mudslinger Staff


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