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August 17, 2001

Follow up on the Clan Spotlight on Clan 52 - By Maleah

Rogues of the Forbidden Legion was created around January 1998 by Keegan. He later retired and handed the leadership over to Tharghan. Starting almost from scratch, Tharghan built a clan that would, six months later, be the top ranked clan in Medievia. 52 held that position for three years. Recently, the clan was disband and I had an opportunity to interview Tharghan and get your reactions.

Maleah: 52 is officially no more.. What lead up to the clan disbanding?

Tharghan: Well it wasn't just one single reason, there were many many of them. Basically, 52 was a lot and a lot of work and required a lot of time and to deal with a lot of people, some of which I couldn't stand to be allied with or even clannie with. I did it for a long time because the fun part was stronger than the rest. Lately it was just stressful and not fun. Basically I had the best eq ever gotten and there was no way to get better eq. I had quest points I could never spend and even helping out people I'd just get new money. Basically nothing left to do. I could have PK'd, but even that has too many problems... Alliances I don't like and alliances now are too important since the game is all about numbers. So I decided to just abandon, I waited few weeks then asked Ozy to disband it. I waited few weeks because 52 was on top for three years straight. We took first spot in July 98 and disbanded in July 2001.

Maleah: Why did you choose to disband instead of stepping down?

Tharghan: Basically no one could lead it and keep it on top and keep all the clannies, and I'd rather see it dead than weak and with people leaving. We lasted on top for three years so I think that's enough.

Maleah: What do you think will happen to the 19 clantown?

Tharghan: Well 19ct will probably die. I don't like it, but I worked hard for the town since clantowns started and I think I've done enough.

Maleah: Did you talk to anyone before disbanding or was it your sole decision?

Tharghan: I told some people about it, some trusted people, I didn't clannews it or anything because I didn't want people to remove, I wanted to disband clan all together.

Maleah: What kind of reaction did you receive from your town and clannies?

Tharghan: Of course some didn't like it at all, but there were no solutions. I'm working on a new project in real life too so even if I didn't disband I couldn't keep the clan the way it was before.

Maleah: Do you think losing a clan like 52 will have an impact on Medievia?

Tharghan: No, for Medievia nothing will change. No impact at all.

Maleah: Do you have any regrets or would you have done anything differently?

Tharghan: Well, maybe I would have tried different alliances long long ago, but I don't know if that would have been better.

Maleah: What are your plans now?

Tharghan: On Medievia nothing, I'll just log on and AFK. I know some people started rumors about me playing other MUDs, but that's totally not true. Med is the best MUD and if I had time and wanted to play a MUD I would play here.

Maleah: Is it possible that you'll build another clan in the future?

Tharghan: Everything is possible, but I really doubt I will. It requires too much time.

Maleah: Have you been treated differently now that you aren't the leader of the number one clan?

Tharghan: Well, I haven't been on enough to answer that, I have several ex-clannies in 72 here when I log on and some others I talk to on ICQ.

Maleah: Do you have any comments or thoughts that you would like to add?

Tharghan: Yeah one thing. Of course I love how 52 managed to stay always on top for such long time, seeing other clans come and go and stuff like that, but there's another thing I really enjoyed. Every time I check who I remember how many of these heroes have been (or asked to join) in 52. I actually said no to many in 52 at least once, and now they lead/co clans, or just help them. Although I know some will say that they joined only for the hp bonus, it's kinda cool to remember how many have had home in 52 and even learned stuff in there. I just wanna thank everyone who helped 52 and its clannies, some of which retired long ago, some stayed until the end. I don't wanna say names because too many helped and I can't remember them all and the person who probably helped me more quit long ago, I wish he wouldn't have.

Excerpt from an earlier interview (which can be found on Medweb in the MUDSlinger Archives section):

"Maleah: If your clan was disbanded today, what do you think people will remember?

Tharghan: Well, I'm sure most of the other players would be happy. My clannies would remember all the good times we had in clan, with the PKing, the lairs, the friends. Sometimes people leave 52, but most of them always come back cause I think they like it here. It's a friendly clan... yeah we have arguments but I've seen much worse situations'"

I asked various players two questions- "What was your reaction when you first found out 52 had disbanded?" and "What will you remember the most about the Rogues of the Forbidden Legion?" These are the responses I received.

What was your first reaction when you found out that 52 had disbanded?

Ashiana: Well, he kinda threatened for a few months that he was quitting or disbanding, so a lot of people didn't take him seriously. So when he said, look its for real, I just kinda listened to what he said mostly. I couldn't exactly discourage him, he put a lot of time into the game and if he was ready to be done with all that, then so be it.

Nefarious: I suppose disbelief.

Calmore: I was co-leader of 52 when it happened, I was on vacation with my girl for a week and when I got back it was gone, I talked to Tharghan about it a few days before my vacation and he mentioned it but I didn't think he was serious. Of course I was shocked... 52 had been my home for 3 years and I've worked very hard for it.

Temujin: The first thing that came to mind was when the British surrendered at Yorktown and they played "The Day The World Turned Upside-Down"...'cause that seemed to be everyone's reaction here.

Gersidi: I was in shock... I was the 5th person enrolled in the clan, so it has a lot of history for me. Good for Tharghan though, he needs a break.

Keirgar: Disbelief. I knew it was disbanding, but when it actually happened, it was hard to accept.

Chendiz: Indifference, mostly. Clans die all the time.

Nedrellous: Uh...nothing really. I mean on the up side, at least the mega powerhouse is gone so the other clans can get a lil more of the action spread out. On the downside its never nice to see something long lasting die all the sudden, but it was put to earth so shrug.

Hando: Was quite a shock, had plans of going there but they soon changed and it was just amazing to see Tharghan retire after he disbanded.

Froto: I was sort of shocked that Tharghan would disband the #1 clan in the game. I was disappointed to say the least.

Bannon: Well I heard Tharghan was thinking of disbanding, so I wasn't really too surprised. I mean he must have been burned out from playing Med 24/7 for 5 years!

Bele: My heart sank and I was kinda lost in a sea of emotions. It was our home for so long. Kaaz and I actually logged on when Thar told us. We retired for a summer vacation and on ICQ Thar told me he disbanded.

Kaaz: My first reaction was grief and sadness, because I had lost my home on Med, 52 having been my "home" clan for more than 3 years, having been there when we weren't great. Another thought was that Med will never be Med to me, ever. Beside feeling sad and worried about the power balance on Med, I had another feeling mixed in there which was relief for a good friend of ours, Tharghan. Having known him for so many years, fought so many battles with him, outside and inside clan, I was kinda glad to see that he finally gets a chance to have a break. He really deserves it. He's a good guy! And of course last, what will become of us now once we return after the summer. Where will life on Med take us...?

Vheni: Uh.. They disbanded?

What will you remember most about 52?

Ashiana: I think Tharghan led a great clan for a long time and he helped a lot of people become who they are today as players, so I think its a sad time, but everything changes in time and people move on. The most time I spent in 19 town was co-leading 19 clan with Froto for 8 months. I will remember that no matter what problem we had, he had the answer and solved it. He was a problem solver for a lot of people and listened to them gripe constantly. Like a huge mediator, he was always a sounding board and always got people back together.

Magiin: People who didn't sleep.

Vikrina: He's always been super to me - despite clan stuff. Honestly, Thar was brilliant - extremely dedicated and very competitive. Good friend most of all.

Gersidi: It's superiority, mainly because of Tharghan's dedication. They were a real, solid clan that was good at all the basics. A big part of Med history, I believe.

Keirgar: Tharghan was a great motivator, and the clan as a whole was very organized, fast, and efficient

Nedrellous: Well, he was the master of the bum rush. He adds a nice villainy to the game. Personally I don't like him though but who likes the villains!

Hando: That they always run things well as a clan, always pushing to keep up their number 1 standards, and I'll just always remember Tharghan for being himself sometimes.

Froto: I had great fun running lairs and going on zones with them. They were a great clan to have as part of the town, very motivating.

Bannon: They were always a very challenging clan to be against in pk and while running zones, and later in their life even CPK.

Bele: I suppose it would be that I was part of such a great clan in the game for so long. I grew up there from a newly multied double to hero and didn't even know we were #1. I was too little to even care about rankings then. As a hero we had such fun, living on the edge, doing like the hardest things in Med so much. We had a lot of good friends there, but I know Tharghan is happier now, so it's all okay with me now.

Kaaz: That I came to 52 with Calmore just before the clantown selection process, way back when clantowns were about to be put in, after the kingdoms. We helped build 52, and Thar was able to lead the clan ever since as #1 in Med. I will also remember having many good friends that were always there for you and having done many great battles. And I will remember my last time there as the best time I had on Med, sharing my Medievian life with Bele, helping to maintain 52s position as #1 and for months and months keeping 52s trade rating as #1 being just the 2 of us trading all the time! Tharghan I will remember as a very good Italian friend! Hot headed, but a really nice guy once you know what's behind the yelling! Of course I've had so many years there its hard to sum up in a few lines. But I'm proud of having been in 52 for so long and helped build what we did.


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