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In this project, you will be researching, in groups of 2-3, a specific topic on the world of the Maghreb and will share what you have learned with the class, through a Power Point presentation. You will use the web sites listed below and may also use print sources and/or other web sites. The sites have been pre-selected with your particular topic in mind.


You and your group will be researching and reporting on one of the topics below. You will first find, as a group, several sub-topics that relate to your topic. Then, you will research the sub-topics and gather your information. You will also be finding and defining a list of vocabulary words. Afterwards, you will be creating a Power Point presentation for the class as well as writing a report on your topic in English and French.

At the time of your presentation, you and your partner(s) will have gathered sufficient information to do a five minute Power Point presentation in English on your topic, accompanied by a minimum of two (2) props [poster, audio, video, artifacts, images, demonstrations (cooking, dances), etc.]

On the day of your presentation, your group will also be turning in a written report on your topic based on the criteria listed in the Evaluation section.

Topics :

  1. Music of the Maghreb
  2. Religion(s) of the Maghreb
  3. Women of the Maghreb
  4. Food of the Maghreb
  5. Maghrebian arts and crafts
  6. Languages of the Maghreb
  7. The French influence in the Maghreb
  8. Arabic scientific and literary contributions
  9. Socio-economic problems in the Maghreb
  10. Morocco
  11. Algeria
  12. Tunisia
  13. Other topic (requires Madame's approval)



You will be evaluated based on the following guidelines:


Le Monde du Maghreb
A very comprehensive site on the world of the Maghreb. Includes information on Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, cuisine, marriage, women, history, tv, and more. This is an English translation of the site. To view the original French versions go to http://www.khaoula.com/.

L'Afrique Francophone Virtuelle
135 links to a very wide array of aspects of Francophone Africa. All sites are in French but some offer English versions. Includes photos, video, audio, news releases,and links to other non-African sites.

A Morocco and Maghreb Search Engine and Directory. Contains much of the same information as Yahoo, but all about the Maghreb community. Also, specific information on each of the countries of the Maghreb (just click on a country under the search box). In English, but French version is available.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
http://i-cias.com/cgi-bin/eo-direct-frame.pl?http://i-cias.c om/e.o/maghreb.htm
A free and very detailed online encyclopedia of the Maghreb. In English and French. Includes photos, video,audio, news releases, and links to other sites dedicated to the Maghreb.

Radio Casablanca - Morocco /Maroc
Website of Radio Casablanca in Morocco. Intended users: any one interested in the music of the Maghreb. Soundbank, newsdesk,"top 10", photos, moviea nd bookstore links. Needed: Real Audio G2 or Shockwave (mono sound) to listen to sounds. In English and French.

La Maison du Maroc - The House of Morocco
A large site about life in Morocco: daily news, culture, arts, and education search engines and links to other online Moroccan sites. Includes photos, video, and audio (needed: Real Audio G2). In English and French.

Tennessee Bob's French Site lists
Megasite of over 10,000 French-related websites. Can be used by grades 6-12, college students and professionals. Maintained by Bob Peckham (bobp@utm.edu), University of Tennessee-Martin. All sites are in French, some offer English versions. Includes photos, video, audio, interactive exercises, news releases, links to other francophone sites.

**If none of the sites above has the information that you need, you can always use Google or another search engine to search for information.

**Be sure to write down any and all sites you use because a bibiography will be needed in your final report.


I hope that you have learned much about historical, cultural and geo-political aspects of the Maghreb through your use of French and technology. Take what you have learned from your research and from the presentations of the other groups in the class and apply it to what we have learned in class. Take the time to understand and appreciate the diversity and riches of this part of the French-speaking world.

This site was highly adapted from Mr. Franck Gréaux's Webquest

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