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This topic is for rules specific to certain zones that aren't covered
elsewhere. It's by no means complete yet, and will be added to as
necessary. Breaking rules in this section is punishable by zoneban or
freeze, at the discretion of the god dealing with the situation.

Z57  - Temple of Bloodstone - Please see HELP RULES section C (Special
       Key Cases).
Z125 - Vaporous phantasms are excepted from mob interference and
       killstealing rules. It is legal to attack or kill a vaporous
       phantasm someone else is fighting. It is still illegal to interfere
       with *other* mobs someone else is fighting; you cannot, for
       instance, cast a room spell to clear out the phantasms if someone
       else is *also* fighting a "real" mob. Obviously this does not apply
       in CPK where killstealing is legal anyway.
Z178 - Tower of Reclasta - Please see HELP RULES section C (Special Key
Z194 - Mellorian Citadel - Please see HELP MELLORIANRULES