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For a brief non-math explanation of the SCORE Z screen, see the help
file: SCORE_Z

A little bit about zone limits. You can't just not go back to a zone for
awhile and expect it to go back up. You must xp significantly in other
areas. This is due in part to the fact that your percentages are based
on your total xp gained. This is heavy math intensive. You have been
warned :)

An example: You have killed 250 mobs since the last check, so the code
checks your stats and sees that you have 10 million xp broken down as
follows :

%xp of total   zone         total xp per zone    # you see on score z
  60%         Preserve           6,000,000          130-60 =  70%
  15%         Goblin Castle      1,500,000          130-15 = 115%
  10%         Labyrinth          1,000,000          130-10 = 120%
   5%         Gypsy Camp           500,000          130-5  = 125%
   5%         Chessboard           500,000          130-5  = 125%
   3%         Graveyard            300,000          130-3  = 127%
   2%         Forbidden Forest     200,000          130-2  = 128%

It takes your top xp zone, which is The Preserve, and it determines how
much of your total xp was gained in that zone which is 6,000,000. It then
takes 5% of that which is 300,000. It then subtracts 300,000 from every
zone on your list. When it does this Graveyard and Forbidden Forest fall
off the list because their total xp was less than the amount removed.
Then the total amount of xp left is added together, and the percentages
reworked. You now have 8 million xp left on your zonelimits file broken
down the following way :

%xp of total   zone         total xp per zone    # you see on score z
 71%          Preserve          5,700,000           130-71 =   59%
 15%          Goblin Castle     1,200,000           130-15 =  115%
  9%          Labyrinth           700,000           130-9  =  121%
  3%          Gypsy Camp          200,000           130-3  =  127%
  2%          Chessboard          200,000           130-2  =  128%

This shows how percentages can temporarily go down instead of up even
if you haven't recently been in the zone. The reason it subtracts is
so that your total balances go down as you xp, but the only way to
make it work effectively is to majorly xp in zones other than the one
you want to go back up. If you only xp a little bit in a handful of
zones they will fall off and it will take longer, but if you xp a
couple of zones to 100% you will notice your favorite zone going back
up at a steady pace.