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If you are banned from a zone by a god, you will be prevented from
entering that zone for 30 days or longer. When you attempt to walk into
the zone, you'll see a message about a balrog and you'll be dropped into
the wilderness or at recall in the City of Medievia.

Offenses that lead to zonebans include, but are not limited to:

- Going AFK inside a zone, because often your presence prevents the zone
  from repopping or full resetting.
- Dropping or sacrificing a key. To get rid of a key, you *must* use the
  UNKEY command.
- Taking keys with you when you leave the zone.
- Other "key games," like illegally using up a key's charges or taking a
  key from someone else's kill outside of CPK
- Offenses specific to zones, such as illegally starting someone else's
  run in the Mellorian Citadel.

Note that the standard zoneban is 30 days, but more serious offenses or
repeated offenses can and do lead to longer bans and/or freezes.

You will also be automatically zonebanned from the Mellorian Citadel
whenever you fail the run, though this zoneban is only a few hours long.