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Updated 05/29/2000

This is a brief explanation on how to start up and use Zmud. A more
complete help can be found on

Ok, There are a few things you can do to start. You should download the
complete version of 5.55. The complete has all the help files in it so you
do not have to constantly look on the web. It is a good idea to bookmark
the web page though, because helps are updated on the web and not for the
program, at least not until the next full release version.

To begin:

Unzip the complete version of 5.55, simply by running the file
zmud555.exe. This begins the installation process that all windows users
are bound to have come across at some time in their lives. When all this
is done and you have read the readme, run the program.

To Connect to Medievia:

Select the Medievia character on the opening screen and click
connect. Once the connection process has begun you will see the Medievia
log on screen. Enter your character name, followed by your password. Zmud
will then ask you if you wish to use the autologin feature. Personally I
suggest saying yes here. Makes connecting faster and easier.

Now that you are connected you need to know how to do a few
things. Everything you should need to know is in the help files, as with
most windows program Alt+H will take you there.

Scripts, Triggers, Macros, Aliases etc are all within the help files but
I'll give you a few examples of how to enter and use a small number of
simple ones to give you the general idea. All items in "quotes" are only
that way to help them stand out, when sending these commands to Medievia
omit the quotes.

I highly suggest you read the help files concerned with the action you
wish to perform using ZMud as they are clear, and really very easy to
understand. Now onto the examples.

Now you are ready to play!

Here are some useful triggers. Trigger is another name for action. Make
sure you read Help RULES on Medievia to see what rules we have for using

Actions: Some actions or triggers:

   #action {You have been idle, and are pulled into a void.} {look}
   #action {You are thirsty.} {drink water}
   #action {You are hungry.} {eat food}
   #action {You collapse, totally out of breath!} {stand}
   #action {You fall down.} {stand}

Gags: (these cause less fight spam to you) You can gag certain things but
just typing: "#gag {what you want to gag}"
   #gag {%w dodges}
   #gag {%w misses}
   #gag {You dodge}
   #gag {You parry}

These are so you do not need to type the full name of something out. A long
name like Ozymandias can be hard to keep typing out. If you had a tab for
Ozymandias, you could type: "ozy" then hit tab instead of enter and it fills
in the rest.

   #ta ozymandias
   #ta dhaulagiri
   #ta kukdheuda
   #ta metamorph

Alias: What you can type to do certain functions.
   #alias {cure} {get potion bag;q potion}
   #alias {dw} {drink water}
   #alias {ef} {get food bag;eat food;put bag}
   #alias {ch} {#chatall}

See the help files included in zMud for more information on triggers,
aliases, Macros etc.

More than one command can be done on any line and separated by a
semi-colon. (;) Say, if you wanted to walk west then east very very
quickly, you could type: "w;e" and hit enter.
Semi-colon's(;) are used by zMud as a line seperator.

Other cute little things: Macros:

Holding down Ctrl+k then hitting another key will let you assign, or
change Marcos. Macros are single key commands that send to the Mud and
result in action. For example I have my keypad set up to be used to move
me around the game as you will if you use zMUD as it is a default
setting.. Therefore it is set up as follows.

num8 = North
num6 = East
num2 = South
num4 = West
num9 = Up
num3 = Down

Macros are not limited to the keypad; all the function keys, F1, F2, F3
etc. can be used as well. and the Alt & Ctrl keys can be used to triple
the number of Macros you have in total, e.g.
Ctrl+num5 = Look Around
Alt+num5 = Survey

See the help file for more information on building macros using all keys.

Many examples of scripts are all over the web. Carabas has an excellent
script page at Many of the clan
pages also have examples of scripts for Med, including chat scripts, id
scripts, bs scripts, etc.