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Workers are the most unique mobs in the game. They are the mobs that take
jobs as your deckhands, farmers, miners, etc. They will eventually even
take jobs as part of the kingdom armies, or even become king!

These mobs have lives, families, homes, jobs, schedules, agendas,
motivations, and basically live a real life in our gameworld. Their naming
is unique in that they have first and last names. They attend worker
funerals, weddings, and go on family vacations. They remember things about
their family and history.

AI CHATTER MODULE: this is still in testing and only gods see it yet.
Workers know you, your clan, your town, and what you have done recently.
They will know if you had a kid, just turned hero, sunk on a ship, etc.
They will know if you partook in killing a small pack of local pigs, or
perhaps killed Hellraider. They love towngames and make wagers amongst
themselves on them. Workers love all things dragon related and can be
heard gossiping about them.

AGE Every real day to us is one year to them.
Ages 0-3   they are almost always with a guardian.
Ages 4-6   they play with others and do chores.
Ages 7-16  they go to school and learn new skills.
Ages 17-20 they can get married and get a job.
Ages 21-74 they can have kids.
Age  75+   they tend to retire and take care of grand kids.

More info will follow as we continue to implement the worker features.