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The WEATHER command shows you any possible storms that are within the
viewing area. It is not very realistic in that it shows you storms very
far off. Overall, the display you see will cover 400 moves east and west
and 360 moves north and south.

All storms move in very simple directions (N,S,E & W). At any one time,
there are many storms in the game.

Every storm has unique features....

Tornado:         If you are caught in a tornado, you will be killed, and
                 your corpse may be transported as far as sixty rooms
                 away. The deadly winds of a tornado can be heard from
                 miles away, so you usually have some warning when one is
                 nearby, but they can also pop up unexpectedly. Dragons
                 cannot land near a tornado due to the unpredictable
                 swirls in the air.

Hurricane:       Powerful winds, debris, and sharp, stinging rain will
                 pummel you as long as you are outdoors in a hurricane.
                 Hurricanes also disrupt your concentration and make it
                 impossible to enter MEDLINK If you are in a room
                 protected by the "SHIELD ROOM" spell, you will take half
                 the usual amount of damage from the hurricane.

Firestorm:       During a firestorm, red fire rains from the sky,
                 disrupting all magic. Scrolls, wands, staves, and potions
                 will still work, but you will not be able to CAST any
                 spells while outdoors.

Magic Storm:     When you are in a magic storm, your HITPOINTS and MANA
                 will REGENERATE twice as fast. Current class mages can
                 tap into the magic of the storm; spells they cast
                 outdoors will cost half the usual mana. The purple magic
                 light that falls from the sky is harmless.

Wasps:           Large swarms of wasps can cover the land, stinging
                 everyone in their path. You can be stung to death if you
                 are outdoors.

Lightning Storm: These are just your normal thunderstorms. You CAN be
                 struck by lightning if you are outdoors. The "LIGHTNING-
                 BOLT"-and CALL LIGHTNING"-spells are greatly enhanced in
                 lightning and rain storms.

Rainstorm:       Harmless rain. See above for the effect on lightning

Storm from afar: See help "STORM FROM AFAR"

**Suggestion: Weather is one of the things in Medievia that really takes
              advantage of ANSI color. If you are using a telnet
              application that does not support color, we highly recommend
              that you download a client that will allow you to see the
              weather and the other parts of the game in full color.