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KICK         - kicks a mob or player, causing more harm than one round of
               melee would
BASH         - hits a mob/player over the head, blocking their ability to
               spellcast or trip/bash for one round
PARRY        - helps to avoid some of the melee attacks at your character
RESCUE       - allows you to take over a fight for a player (be careful
               and know what rules we have on this in Help RULES RESCUE
CHARGE       - attempts to knock down all mobs in the room and moves you
               to the front row of a formation
SECONDATTACK - same as thief's dual, allows for the ability to hit twice
               per melee round
THIRDATTACK  - allows for the ability to hit 3 times per melee, must first
               practice SECONDATTACK
MEDITATE     - while resting, uses a period of inactivity to regen hp/mana
OFFHAND      - allows for the wielding of two weapons
DISARM       - allows you to disarm, or remove, a weapon from the
               mob/player's grip
SLASH        - unleashes a mighty slash that damages all enemies in a room
ARCHERY      - improves skill with ranged weapons
RAGE         - You will enter into an uncontrollable rage, dealing higher than
               average damage to random targets in the room
BLOODFIST    - An unarmed attack that will let you receive hitpoints if you
               deal the killing blow.
DEFEND       - Adopt a defensive stand and take less melee damage.