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You can set up a button in zMUD or alias in MudMaster to vote for Medievia
directly from your client window, without a need to open up a browser.

zMUD users:

To create a VOTE button:

Step 1: Type the following into your command line, without the quotes:
"#BU-voting VOTE {#URL}"

Step 2: Save your settings

Step 3: Click the VOTE button at the top of the screen to open up the
voting web page.

To create clickable links:

This trigger makes any http:// address a clickable link from within zMUD.
Cut and paste the following into zMUD, without the start and end quotes:
"#TRIGGER-{({http://|www.})(%x)} {#SUBSTITUTE {~<a "%1%2"~>%1%2~</a~>}} ""-{notrig}"
Please make sure that MXP is enabled, as this will not work unless it is.

MudMaster and MudMaster 2000 users:

Step 1: Download the DLL for opening a browser from MudMaster. HyperLink.dll
can be downloaded from Tacony's MudMaster page:

Step 2: Download the automated installer for ease of use. This can be
downloaded from the Medievia website:

Step 3: Unzip the DLL and place in the directory where your mudmast.exe is
(MudMaster.exe for MM2K users).

Step 4: Unzip the InstallHyperLink script file and place in your scripts
directory (if unsure place in same spot as dll).

Step 5: Load the script by typing /load InstallHyperLink.txt from within
mudmaster. Follow instructions onscreen to install the DLL. Simple
automation instructions, so the DLL is always loaded when you start mm2k,
are also available onscreen.

Step 6: To go directly to the voting web page, type "url #" with the #
being the number of the URL for the voting page. Example: "url 3" if it is
the 3rd URL on your list. Note the InstallHyperLink script also adds a
direct link to the topmudsites voting button.

Every time you want to vote for Medievia from MudMaster, simply type URL #
with the correct number instead of the #.