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Voroderms are giant, multi-room beasts (like Giant SEASLUGS They create
areas that are loot limit 1 LLCPK areas. They are like AQUODERMS but live
underground instead of out at sea, and grow to 50 rooms long. Aquoderms,
Voroderms, and Terraderms are all from the same species of magical worms.
They all have enormous gaping mouths with strong jaws and hundreds of rows
of teeth that line their throats all the way down to their bellies.

Voroderms are the first Fae magic beast to attack Medievia from below. There
will be many more coming. This particular beast causes massive fires. It
basically burns everything it touches except in its tunnel system, which is
protected from fire.

Voroderms have a special fondness for lions. A large lion den with lots of
lions attracts their attention, and they will tunnel towards it. Voroderms
generally appear in a massive tunnel system created by their Fae magic. The
main tunnel entrance will be on a road near the den. There will be four or
more other tunnel entrances to the main system scattered around the area. Half
of the time the voroderm will use the main vertical shaft to the road, and the
other half of the time it will choose a side exit.

Voroderms' stats depends on distance from Medievia, but their size has
nothing to do with that.

The voroderm shoots in and out of its tunnel with its main body always
remaining in the same room at the bottom of the tunnel. Every room a
voroderm touches becomes infested by Fae magic from afar and becomes loot
limit 1 LLCPK The tunnel is also loot limit 1 LLCPK

Voroderms drag lions into their tunnel and quickly dispatch them. They
grow by one room for each kill: lion, player, or anything. They max out at
around 50 rooms long.

If you kill any one part of the voroderm, the trailing sections will die
off. If a voroderm is dragging you into its lair, FLEE You will not live
if it drags you all the way down! If the voroderm gets to 6 or fewer rooms
in size, it will die. This is how you kill it. A MASSIVE player attack right
at its main room may work, but that kind of coordination in CPK is hard to
come by.

BIG HINT If any section of the beast is being attacked, it will go in and
out of its tunnel more slowly. If any section of the beast is being attacked
IN its tunnel system, it will be slower yet. When the beast is moving you
need to constantly attack it, as the part you were fighting a second ago has
slipped by, and now you are attacking another section. It is generally safer
to be IN the tunnel system, as fire and infestations are above, but any real
plan will generally require moving in and out. Ideally a formation is constantly
trying to wait for the whole worm to go out and then attack it near its base
as often and as much as possible, without being dragged in and dying.

If you are in a non-CPK room and the voroderm appears, you are flung away,
and then the room is infested and becomes LLCPK This works the same as
other CPK wilderness mobfactions. If you are in CPK you chose to do it. It
did not just appear around you and leave you in danger.

Voroderms give very good HEROPOINTS and GOLD

When on an island voroderms give 1/10th the gold and heropoints.

NOTE Terraderms have not been implemented yet. These are giant 10- to
30-room-long worms from the Arraeydn Desert. These are rae magic beasts
that love players and are easy to control. The only way to lure one up to
the surface is to gather 100 pieces of voroderm corpse and place them on
the sand and wait. Any MASTERHERO can control a terraderm, which will have
1000 MV points before it dies. Terraderms create trampled areas behind
them, one room wide, which last 30 minutes. This means you can create a
straight wagon trading route right through the wilderness from post to
post, with wagons trailing a controlled beast. It is much easier bypassing
all of the road mobfactions, not to mention more direct.