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There are 2,593 vents on the deep seafloor, each are the same size,
volcano shaped, with a tunnel in the middle going down. They are the dots
seen on the www underocean topography map. Players take control and own
vents, which gives them a pet baby serpent SUBMARINE and give their town
more land, as well as a medal. We also track players lifetime vents

- Every hour on the hour each vent erupts, players in the vent or above it
  get thrown up and out and earn a medal.
- Each vent represents underocean townland around it, when a player takes
  control their town owns their land, this land can be seen on the www
  underocean vent area map.
- To take control of a vent a player must drop gold at the bottom of the
  vent and it must be more than any other player. When a player drops more
  gold, the original gold is removed and now the new player has rights to
  the next eruption. The larger the townland the vent controls the more
  minimum gold is needed, which is a lot, and displayed on your prompt
  when in the vent.
- The player who dropped the most gold as it erupts now has one hour until
  the next eruption to defeat 3 derm mobfactions.
- When the vent erupts the gold is mixed with fae and thrown up and out of
  the vent, pieces of this new gold material will cover the vent area on
  the seafloor. Players cannot take it. When inside the vent your prompt
  will show you how much is there and how much will be needed that must
  be protected.
- This now attracts the first mobfaction, goldderms. These try to eat the
  gold material and you must kill them before they eat too much. The
  larger the land area the more derms come.
- Golderms are slow, do not hit hard, but have tough armor. Around one
  half heads towards any goldderms fighting, the other half tries to eat the
  goldfae on the vent. They all eat goldfae if none are fighting. They are
  not aggressive.
- Killing the goldderms leaves a new material that drops down to the
  seafloor, which has even more fae than gold called faegold. When inside
  the vent your prompt shows you how much is around, and how much will be
- This faegold attracts faederms, the second mobfaction. They also try to
  eat the faegold and they must die before they eat too much, again the
  larger the land the more appear.
- Faederms are faster, hit harder, but have less armor, and again around
  one half heads towards any faederms fighting, the other half tries to
  eat the faegold. They are not aggressive.
- Killing faederms leaves a new material mixed with blood called
  bloodfaegold, which sinks down to the seafloor around the vent. When
  inside the vent it shows how much of this is around and how much is
  needed on your prompt.
- This bloodfaegold attracts the third and final mobfaction, bloodderms.
  They try to eat the bloodfaegold and must be defeated before they eat
  too much. The more land the more appear.
- Bloodderms are fast, do not hit too hard but do pack a punch, but have a
  lot of armor, around 2/3rd heads to other bloodderms fighting or a
  nearby player, the rest try to eat the bloodfaegold. They are aggressive.

When the hour ends and the vent erupts and enough bloodfaegold is left,
the vent is now owned by the player and a baby submarine serpent comes out
and eats him. The player heads to the brain inside the beast and takes
over. The baby serpent is now the players very own pet submarine, see