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Gags are removed automatically the first time you attempt to speak on a
public channel after the expiration of the gag. Before that, they can be
removed only through a $25 donation or by Vryce.

To repeat: Your gag expires, you remove it with donation tokens, or Vryce
removes it. No other way.

If you complain about a gag--yours or another character's--you will be
frozen permanently by whatever god sees you complain, and you can be
unfrozen only by Vryce. You may e-mail him at in order
to request you be unfrozen; it is unlikely that he will agree.

To have Vryce remove a gag on your character, or to have Vryce unfreeze
you if you were frozen for complaining about a gag, follow the instructions
in HELP DONATION to send a $25 donation to the game. Make sure to specify
with your donation the name of your player and that your donation is to
remove a gag or a gag-related freeze.

You may also have a gag removed (and your gag timer set back to zero)
with 25 donation tokens instead of a direct donation; to do this, use the
DONATION command.