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Medievia can be a dangerous place, and at times death is all but
unavoidable. Every character has a certain number of hitpoints, these
hitpoints determine the amount of damage you can sustain before you
die. If the damage you take is equal to your hitpoints you will lose
consciousness, if the number of hitpoints you have becomes -11 you will
find yourself in the somewhat unfortunate position of being dead. Until
you reach level five, this won't make much of a difference, the gods will
take pity on you and restore you to your mortal state. Once you reach
level five, it is up to you to win back your life.

There are two ways in which death may be overcome:

The most common of these being the transformation of your dead body into
that of an undead corpse. This transformation is effected by a mysterious
necromancer who delights in the aquisition of souls. Your undead corpse,
soulless and bereft of normal mortal abilities, must find an altar in order
regain its soul and its mortal life. Altars may be found by using the
survey command (See Help SURVEY if you're in the wilderness, or by
exploring individual rooms for an altar if in an ordinary zone. Once you
have located a church, go there and pray.

When in NPK or CPK player kill areas:
If you are level 28 or higher, and unless you have the "DONATION ITEM"
called a BLESSING you will spend 10 minutes as an undead corpose before
you can pray and become alive again. Single-class characters level 27 and
below have shorter wait times, to ease them into getting used to death.

When in lawful areas:
There is no time to wait to pray to become alive again. Just find an altar
and pray.

When you become an undead corpse, you will have three vials of unholy
water in your inventory. QUAFFing one of these vials will remove you from
the zone you are in and kick you out into the wilderness. From there, you
can use SURVEY to locate a nearby altar.

If you have the "DONATION ITEM" called a SHRINE you will not have to find
an altar; the object will find it for you.

If you become lost trying to get alive, read Help LOST for some useful

*** When you are at the altar and it is time for you to become alive, ***
***                          type only:  pray                         ***
*** Do NOT type anything after it when wanting to live again. Pray is ***
*** also a channel used to get hold of gods. Please see Help PRAY for ***
*** further information on getting ahold of any gods online.          ***

The second, and most expedient, way to regain your life is to be
resurrected by a powerful cleric. The resurrection must be performed
before the necromancer completes his hideous ritual, once you become an
undead corpse you may not be resurrected. When you become an undead
corpse, your equipment will temporarily be replaced by equipment more
suited to an undead. You will not, however, lose any of your equipment
items; these items will reappear in your inventory once you become alive.
If you are resurrected prior to becoming a corpse, you will lose nothing.
The only exception is for those who are killed in a chaotic area. If that
happens you stand a good chance of being looted, and you will lose all of
the gold in your possession. Items flagged NO_RENT will also disappear if
you become a corpse and then alive again.