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Triggers are actions that instigate another action. (i.e. you are hungry.
get food bag;eat food). The program you use may allow you to create
triggers and actions, but Medievia itself does not create actions for
players. Many players find it is easier to set up triggers because there
is a lot less typing. Simple triggers are allowed on Medievia with
ONE exception. You may NOT use a trigger to initiate combat or aid you in

As a general rule, any script that does anything while you are not at the
keyboard, except keep you from idling or make you eat/drink when you need
to, is ILLEGAL. Complex "guard" scripts like watching a portal or where
(commonly known as CPK guard) are ILLEGAL. "Auto-walker" or other trade
run automation scripts are ILLEGAL.

Players found using or distributing illegal scripts will be at least
frozen. The authors may be purged.

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