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The City of Trellor is the second-largest city in Medievia. Located in the
far northeast, where it supports a thriving tradepost, it is easily
reached by the PORTAL found in the City of Medievia (south, west, west
from RECALL or in clantowns. If you're in the City of Medievia or a
clantown, simply type GUIDE PORTAL to find the portal, walk to it, then
type "enter trellor" to get there. You can also fly to Trellor on a DRAGON
by using the CALL command.

Players around levels 12-18 will find that the mobs in Trellor are
slightly harder to kill and slightly better experience than those in the
City of Medievia, making Trellor a nice place to visit when you want to
stay safe but are tired of the starting city. Keep in mind that some of
the mobs in Trellor are much harder than they may appear; use the CONSIDER
command if you're not sure. Also remember that Trellor is not covered and
protected by a magical shield like the City of Medievia, so hurricanes,
tornados, firestorms, wasps, and other weather will affect you there.