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The e-mails go to the Medievia god in charge of
listening to player input regarding gold. The treasurer will respond, take
the pulse of the game, and constantly suggest changes as to how you gain
and spend gold. It is a unique job because it is both a decision-making
position and a public relations position.

It can be tricky balancing gold in a deep multiplayer game, especially
when features change so often.

Just to show you how difficult it can be, we cannot get any five players
to agree on the cost of ship ammo. This is just one decision of a thousand
and more that need to be made with Medievia. Ship trading goods between
ports, player businesses producing new goods, abodes "  " all of this makes
it all the more important and challenging.

Features need to be balanced. ECONOMY DAILY SHIPS should ideally show days
with losses and days with gains, but with overall more gains. What is
spent and made should be nearly the same overall, with good captains
pulling solid profits but also facing enough risk to fear being sunk, and
with new captains typically running a loss for a while and sinking ships
until they learn how to succeed more often.

This is risk vs. reward. X minutes doing something risky should pay off
more than X minutes doing something safe. Not everyone will agree on how
we do this, but everyone can agree that we do the best we can, and that is
what the treasurer is here for, to do the best we can.

Features need to be balanced as just explained, but features also need to
be balanced against other features.

Wilderness trading, for instance, is not terribly risky as there are very
few ways to lose your stuff, but with that feature the risk is how long it
might take. Sure, you will finally get the goods to the post if you avoid
haunted forests, but it can take a long time if not done right and simply
would not have been worth it. Ship risk is in how much gold it takes just
to get going with buying a ship, ammo, etc, and then the dozens of ways of
being sunk once your adventure begins.

Someone decides this stuff so that each feature is balanced, which is
hard, but then we need to decide how they fit together. For instance,
three hours of shipping should probably give more gold profit than three
hours of wilderness trading because it is more risky as to the possibility
of success and in the gold capital it takes to get going, but how much
more gold?

Medievia has countless ways to make gold and spend gold. The treasurer
simply helps us keep it all balanced, fair, and fun.

Vryce makes all the decisions as usual and will often not agree with the
treasurer as he often does not agree with the players. The treasurer will
help Vryce make the decisions. Even more important, though, is that these
decisions will often be presented by the treasurer.

Is Vryce on top of how much gold you can make on faecrabs? No. The
treasurer will listen to everyone and always be on the ball when it comes
to gold about everything. The treasurer will make Vryce make many
decisions about gold, and it gives the players a way to be heard as the
treasurer can force Vryce to publicly respond as to why he may not agree
with most people about something.

Having a treasurer means we make many more decisions much more often and
that we are constantly trying to tweak things to be more balanced, fair,
and fun.

Vryce does not expect the treasurer to agree with him all the time, but
once a decision is made, he does expect and demand that the treasurer
adopts the policy and supports it publicly.

The treasurer will make a monthly NEWS to the playerbase about his or her
current thoughts on what is wrong, what we fixed lately, what we are
thinking of changing, etc. It is to be a basic state of the economy
address to the players, a monthly state of gold address to the game world
from the treasurer, complete with insights and a summary of how the month
went when it comes to gold made or lost.

E-mail with gold feedback but please do not bug the
treasurer, just make your feelings heard, especially when you think you
have something worth hearing.

Remember, the treasurer is a god so be careful not to irritate him or her,
like any of our voluntary staff; simply help them help the game.