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Thief only.

Traps can be purchased in a SHOP or created with the "MINOR CREATION"
spell. Traps cannot be put into containers, and they are quite heavy and

To set a trap, have the trap in your inventory and type TRAP There is a
small chance (less than 10%) that you will break the trap and injure

If you successfully set the trap, it will have a chance of capturing and
immobilizing mobs that walk into the room.

The trap will last a few minutes in the room, even if you leave. If a mob
walks in, it has a very good chance of stepping into the trap. There is
always a chance that the mob will notice the trap in time to avoid it. If
no mobs walk in, the trap will misfire. When that happens, there is a
small chance that it will break, becoming useless.

Trapped mobs cannot move or initiate combat. They are also unable to use
some special attacks and skills. They cannot be charmed or form with other
mobs. After several minutes, a trapped mob will struggle free and be able
to move and attack normally.

Some mobs cannot be trapped at all; they will simply sidestep traps as if
they weren't there. Others, upon finding themselves trapped, will break
the trap and free themselves after a very short delay.