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Autoquest have a new feature called tracks, which are similar to a choose-
your-own-adventure book. If your autoquest comes to a track, it will give
you options for what you want to do next. Each track can lead the entire
quest on a different route, and the quest may have a different outcome.

Track autoquests will generally have a more in-depth storyline, and the
mob will ask to perform a specific task. Although track options may allow
you to choose an easier path, the mob who requested your assistance
may be disappointed in your choices and punish you for completing the
wrong task. The mob may also be impressed you went the extra step and
reward you accordingly.

AQ DECIDE will show you the different options that are available, and you
will then have 10 minutes to decide. If you do not pick an option within
10 minutes, your next objective will be randomly chosen for you.

Below is a sample of what a track autoquest might look like.

It looks like you have a decision to make!
Type AQ DECIDE to see your options.

(You type AQ DECIDE

Here are your options:
1: Assassinate the rebel leader.
2: Find out more about the rebellion.
3: Turn down the king.
4. Infiltrate the rebel camp and attempt to get more information.
You have approximately 9 minutes and 39 seconds to make your decision.

(You type AQ DECIDE 1 to pick option 1, AQ DECIDE 2 for option 2, etc.)

The decision has been made! Type AQ to see your next objective.

The track autoquest will proceed as a normal autoquest. You may encounter
another track within the autoquest, and you can use AQ DECIDE in the same
manner. Objective types and flags are the same for track autoquests as for
regular autoquests. Track autoquests will not normally have an overall
time limit.

Please use the PRAY command to report AQ problems, or if you receive no
response, e-mail Typos or grammar errors should be
reported using the TYPO command. Thanks.