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Object: 16 players enroll. There are two different formats available for
this quest which are displayed when the quest is started. Both formats
consist of 8 rounds total. Each round pits the players in 1 on 1 battle.
Consistent winners in both formats who are undefeated can acheive byes in
certain rounds. After each round there is time to "regroup" and prepare
yourself for the next round.

The Standard Format: is a variation of a tournament double elimination
bracket with round 4 being a full elimination round and rounds 5 to 7
pitting the final four players against each other until there are two
players left for the championship in round 8.

The Double Elimination Format: is run using a tournament style double
elimination bracket; lose twice and you will be eliminated.

Telepath commands:

tell <Quest God> remove me    - removes yourself from quest
                                (only available before enrollments close)
tell <Quest God> time         - Shows the amount of time left in the
                                current round or until the next round
tell <Quest God> whosfighting - Lists the current battles In Progress

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