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The idea of a "TOUR GUIDE" is for avatars to lead tours, maybe exping in
some zone, or to teach ship serpent runs, to teach trading, catacombs, or
anything else that makes sense. This is your most powerful and effective
avatar tool if you want to help new players learn this amazing game.


This locks any experience gain on your player. This is a toggle command so
run it again to turn it off. You or your PRIMARY must be an AVATAR to use
this ability. Experience will count towards your lifetime stat and towards
any possible town games, but you yourself will not gain any experience -
thus locking your level. Locking your level is very useful when keeping
multiple players at different levels to run tours, leading newbies for exp
with a level 124 player is pointless.


This starts a tour. It simply puts a TOURGUIDE tag in front of your name
for others to see, as well as a TOURGUIDE in front of your prompt so you
remember it is set, and finally sends a log to all gods about the tour.

Example: tourguide start heading to Githyanki for levels 13-18
         tourguide start trade run between x and y
         tourguide start teaching fae crabs
         tourguide start leading a catacomb run

The text is only shown to the gods so they know what you are doing. It is
up to you to announce the tour via the adventure channel, clan channel, or
any way you wish. We do not auto announce as sometimes you may be taking
players into PK areas.


This ends the tour and informs the gods. It is up to you to tell any
followers that the tour is over.

This tour business allows other players to trust you, even as you may be a
new player level like them, they now know you must be an avatar and worth
trusting. It also means everyone should act respectful and try to have


- being a good tour guide means giving the players what they want, to have
fun and help becoming a better player. Use common sense, be in a good
mood, be positive and friendly, and try to remember the magic of Medievia
as seen through the eyes of a new player as well as the confusion of
Medievia for a new player. Be there as a guide and as an example of how to
lead a fun adventure. When you give a tour you are also molding a future
player, mold them well, with Hope, Love, and Magic.

- do not stay in tourguide mode unless you are leading a tour, this is a
major no no and you may lose your avatar status.

- talk on the avatar channel about tours, what works, what does not, help
the team of avatars learn how to lead a good tour, ask questions, be
active about tours.

See also: AVATAR