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Your title is the text that appears after your name but before the verb
and the position you are in ("is here," "is sitting here," "is sleeping
here,"-"is here, fighting a mob,"-etc.).

You can choose what this title text is and how it appears with the TITLE

   title level  - Sets your title to an automatic class- and level-based one

   title clan   - Sets your title to the one assigned you by your clanleader
                  (see help CLANTITLE costs the clan account current level
                  squared times 5000 gold)

   title ?      - Shows how much a custom title set by a god will cost
                  (current level squared times 1000 gold)

Related command:

   levels x [c|m|t|w] - Lists the automatic titles for the specified
                        class, or for your class if no class is specified

Help TITLERULES has all the rules for titles. These rules apply to both
custom titles (paid for by the player and set by a god) and clan titles
(paid for by the clan and set by a leader or coleader).

A custom title must be purchased from a god. When you purchase a title,
you must have the correct amount of money on your character, not in the
bank. When you have thought of a title you would like to use that follows
the rules and guidelines in Help TITLERULES contact a level 33+ god and
let that person know EXACTLY how you would like your title. If you would
like to use commas after your name, make sure you tell the god that.
(example: "please change my title to: , the Secret of the Night,")