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Thieves have many skills which could greatly help a group or completely
destroy an opposing group. Thieves are very good as soloing adventurers.
A thief will gain more hit points per level than a MAGE but not as much
as a WARRIOR Thieves also gain MANA per level and begin the game with a
dexterity of 16.

For more information on how to play a thief, read on!

  FORMATION                                                        THIEF
Thieves are a valueable member of a formation basically for one reason,
they can dodge the blows of mobs or players. Another asset of a thief is
that they can trip many of the spellcasters and prevent them from casting
spells among the members of the formation. Depending on the form, thieves
may be placed in front for optimum use of their skills. They can dodge the
hits and they can only trip when placed in the front row. This of course
will depend on how many hitpoints they have and if they have practiced
some of the skills best used in the front row. Since thieves can bs from
anywhere in the form, it is not necessary for them to be placed in front,
but can help when formed with a cleric or mage.

  PRACTICING                                                       THIEF
Thieves have the following skills they can use to advance in the game:

    AMBUSH    BACKSTAB    DISARM         ** See Help THIEF_SKILLS for a
    DODGE     DUAL        HIDE              brief listing of what these
    IMBUE     MEDITATE    PICK              skills do. See each individual
    SNEAK     STEAL       THROW             help file for more details.
    TRIP      TRACK       TRAP

It is a good idea to practice the skills you will most likely use at your
level. When you are level 1, do you think there is a need to track players
around Medievia city or hide from players? Since the main hit of a thief
is the backstab, it is usually best to practice this first. Dual and
dodge are usually very good for the low level players also since dodge
helps you avoid hits and dual helps you to backstab twice or hit twice in
one round of melee. Take a look at the individual help files for each of
the skills to determine which you think would work best with how you want
to play. Since not every person plays the game the same way, you may
choose to practice the skills in a different way than another player.

  SOLOING                                                          THIEF
Though soloing as a thief is easier in some respects than other classes
because of the skills a thief has, one of the most valueable commands a
thief can use is flee. A thief's main advantages lie in stealth and being
downright sneaky. Your most valuable attack will be backstab, which may
do far more damage at the beginning of a fight than any other attack in
the game. As a thief just starting out your best bet will be to find a
formation to join the first few times out of Medievia City itself, Clerics
are everyones best friend in a form for their ability to heal and protect
formation members. If you do try to solo, remember to bring lots of
potions to cure you and allow you to see invisibility and sense life. Also
remember to set your wimpy command. This is extremely helpful if you are
in backstab lag and attack a mob that is too strong for you.

  EQUIPMENT                                                        THIEF
The best equipment for a thief is probably hitroll equipment with damroll
equipment following shortly behind. Since the higher the hitroll, the more
likely you are to hit, the best is to find the hitroll that helps you
backstab without failing much and then work on the damroll to hit the mobs
or players harder. Even though thieves should work on finding hitroll and
damroll equipment, do not forget to watch your hitpoints also. Even
though thieves can dodge, they still do get hit. The donation room in many
of the main cities may help you find equipment for yourself. Some other
equipment that you can find around Medievia City and zones close to it are
opal rings, amethyst bracelets and the glowing medallion of an ancient
god. These items may be level restricted up to level 10 and may sometimes
be difficult to get for the first couple of levels. There are many
different objects from all over the land that will help you level. Find a
particular equipment mode that fits you best.