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Team CPK Duel is an area you can enter through Medlink that lets you challenge
other players to a fight in a CPK arena. Each fight has two teams, but each
team can have an arbitrary number of people. The arena is a copy of a real
zone chosen by the DM but it is entirely CPK


As with any CPK you are forewarned that you could be killed and looted.
All the warnings and restrictions described in HELP CPKDUEL apply. People
can lie to you or trick you, then loot you. They can say "no looting" and
then break that promise. They can team with you and then conspire to get
you killed (although they will be purged if caught.) Therefore, YOU SHOULD

Players under total level 88 are not allowed. Bear in mind that luring
unsuspecting newbies into Team CPK Duel, telling them that the warnings do not
apply, or teaming with someone with the intent to get them killed are all
purgeable offenses.


To participate in a duel, you must first find the Team CPK Duel portal in
MedLink. Once there, TIP your hat to the boatman, and he will quiz you on the
rules and ferry you across the river to the staging area.

Once you are in the staging area, you can declare a team by typing:

    TEAM <player1> <player2> <player3> ...

You can challenge the leader of another team by typing:

    CHALLENGE <other leader>

You can also append the following options to the CHALLENGE command:

    LEVELLOSSCHANCE <0-99>   reduce the chance of level loss in the duel
    NOELEMENTALS             prevent the use of elementals
    NOPOTIONSWANDSSCROLLS    disallow use of potions/wands/scrolls/toxins

The NOPOTIONSWANDSSCROLLS option (or NOPOT for short) also restricts staffs
and enchanted food and drinks; however teleport, resurrect, sanctuary,
conjure elemental, and a few other innocuous spells are always allowed. All
parties to the duel must accept the challenge within a minute or the duel
will be cancelled. Do not spam challenge players.

You can type LEAVE to leave the challenge area if you change your mind, but
this will not work if you have accepted a challenge.

Once all players have agreed to a duel, they will be transported to a
duplicate of a real zone, chosen by the DM based on the number of players
involved. After 60 seconds, the area becomes CPK and the fight begins. The
duel lasts for 40 minutes or until all players have left the arena.

Normally, it is impossible to get out of the arena before the timer expires,
short of corpsing. However, whenever a player dies inside the arena, an aura
forms over their body and remains for the duration of the duel. It is possible
to teleport out of the duel arena from any room with an aura. If multiple
players die, auras may form in adjacent rooms. Be aware that due to the
magical nature of the arena, teleport scrolls have a tendency to backfire if
recited on a member of the opposing team.

For players who know where to find it, there is a scoreboard in MedLink that
records recent duels and their outcomes. Note that the challenge room is also
a bank, and the shore of the river is also an altar.