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When you are switching hitpoint equipment around, the amount of your current
hitpoints will change depending on the amount of hitpoint equipment you
change. If you wear an item that has more hitpoints than object you removed,
your current hitpoints will not be affected. If you are removing hitpoint
equipment, or if the new object has lower hitpoints, your current hitpoints
will reflect the change in proportion to your total equipment hitpoints.

This may seem a little confusing at first, but for those who enjoy figuring
out the exact amounts, this is how it is done:

1.) Take your base hitpoints and subtract them from your total hitpoints to
find out the amount of equipment points you currently use. (Ex: Your total
hitpoints is 1200 and your base hitpoints is 700, meaning your equipment
hitpoints is 500)

2.) Subtract your current hitpoints from your total hitpoints. Take that
number and subtract that from your equipment hitpoints. This is because
the game looks first at your equipment hitpoints, then at your base
hitpoints. (Ex: You have been fighting and currently have 1000 out of 1200
hitpoints. This means you have a loss of 200 equipment hitpoints. Your
current equipment hitpoints would be 300 out of 500.)

3.) You decide to remove an object worth 100 hitpoints in exchange for a
different object with no hitpoints. Now your total equipment hitpoints are
400. Since you previously had 3/5ths of your equipment hitpoints because
of the fight, you need to know what your current equipment hitpoints would
be. To do this, multiply 3/5 by 400. The result is that you have 240
current hitpoints out of 400.

4.) Your total current hitpoints would now equal your base hitpoints plus
your current equipment hitpoints. (Ex: 700 plus 240 is 940, so you now
have 940 out of 1100 hitpoints.)